Best Team For Pokemon GO Summer Cup 2024

Now on a lazy summer day, something is interesting to do. Pokemon Go has recently come up with the new battle league of 2023, Summer Cup Pokemon Go. In this, you can participate with your best Pokemon in this summer cup league.

However, there are some restrictions and limitations regarding Pokemon, as you can appear with a specific type of Pokemon. The summer cup Pokemon Go commenced on 1st June 2023 and will run till 8th June 2023. 

Let’s discuss in brief the summer cup pokemon go 2023. 

Summer Cup Pokemon Go 2023

pokemon go summer cup

As you can see the Summer Cup has already begun on the 1st of June 2023, before you prepare your team there is something you should know about the Summer Cup Pokemon Go.

In Summer Cup Pokemon GO, you can participate in the league with Normal, Fire, Water, Bug, Electric, and Grass-type of Pokemon. Further, you can participate in the Summer Cup league with less than equal 1500 CP

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You will be able to see the End of Season reward in your battle screen, as the lead is complete, your GO battle rank will be reset. There is no change in the Rank Up System, it will be the same as the previous Rank Up process. 

Here we have listed some team Pokemon that can help you to win the battles and to earn rewards at the end of the cup. 

Best Team for the Pokemon Go Summer Cup

First of all, there is no such thing as the best Pokemon Team if you don’t know where and how to use Pokemon’s abilities.

You need to analyze first your Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses and then the opponent’s Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses. Plan your attacks after that to win the battle. Other than that, your team should have a perfect balance of attack and defense to sustain your game in the cup. 

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Summer Cup Pokemon Go Attacker Pokemon list

  • Diggersby, Dubwool, Luxray, and Pidgeot
  • Charizard, Cradily, Munchlax, and Toxapex.
  • Ninetales, Pelipper, Qaugsire, and Vigoroth
  • Buzzwole, Lurantis, Mantine, and Tropius
  • Abomasnow, Pinsir, Swampert, and Zangoose

First, you can go with these Pokemon, also in this battle, you can swap the Pokemon with others as you like to swap. In this, we have listed another team for you in Summer Cup Pokemon Go.

Summer Cup Pokemon Go Switch Pokemon List

Here is the list for Summer Cup Pokemon Go Switch List, you can switch Pokemon who have higher attacking power and less in defense. You can swap for any Pokemon with this counter Pokemon, but you have to choose according to the battle situation. 

  • Diggersby, Dubwool, Munchlax, and Vigoroth
  • Charizard, Galvantula, Miltank, and Zangoose
  • Beedrill, Charjabug, Cradily, and Lickitung
  • Ariados, Bewear, Pelipper, and Roserade
  • Luxray, Scolipede, Snorlax, Zapdos

Summer Cup Pokemon Go Closer Pokemon List

In this you should have the best defense Pokemon, many users tend to change with the first as a defender and the closer as the attacker. Here we mentioned the list for the Summer Cup Pokemon Go Closer Pokemon Go:

  • Diggersby, Staraptor, Togedemaru, and Victini
  • Buzzwole, Emolga, Swampert, and Toxapex
  • Chansey, Chesnaught, Magcargo, and Magnezone
  • Dunsparce, Jumpluff, Torkoal, and Trevenant. 
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The Pokemon Go Summer Cup: Great league started on 1st June and will remain open till the 8th of June 2023. In raid battle, you can only appear with the Normal, Water, Fire, Bug, Electric, and Grass-type of Pokemon with 1500 or below CP level.

In your team the first one is a finisher, swap Pokemon, and defender. You can choose the Pokemon as you like to use at your convenience.