New Guidelines to force Niantic to reveal Shiny odds in Pokemon Go?

Players may no longer have to rely on rumors and speculations to estimate the shiny odds in Pokemon Go in the near future. Due to the new guidelines by the United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment trade body, Niantic might be forced to reveal the drop rates and shiny odds in loot boxes.

On July 18, UKIE laid down 11 gaming-industry principles to improve the protection of players. The guidelines were based on the transparency of paid loot boxes and the clear disclosure of the probability of getting rare items, apart from other measures. It also has strict rules for children under the age of 18 on in-game purchases.

The U.K. is an essential market for Pokemon Go. If Niantic thinks of discontinuing the AR-based game in the countries, it would incur severe losses. Reports by Statista, limited to only iPhone, state that over 43,000 users from the United Kingdom were active in June 2022. The numbers are believed to have increased since the next Go Fest is being held in London – a hotspot for Pokemon Go.

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UKIE’s take on Loot Boxes in video games

John Whittingdale, Minister for Creative Industries, stated:-

We’ve been clear the video games industry needs to do more to protect children and adults from the harms associated with loot boxes. These new principles are a big step forward to make sure players can enjoy video games responsibly and safely. I look forward to seeing games companies put the plans into action and will be watching their progress closely.”


Principles laid by UKIE surrounding loot boxes

Players under the age of 18 could make in-game purchases with real-life currency with the consent of an adult or guardian. Furthermore, they have to participate in a drive awareness in July to expatiate the newly-laid principles to the public.

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Most importantly, the gaming industries will need to reveal the probability information on what virtual items or elements they can get in a loot box before acquiring it. The description should be clear and proper refund policies must be implemented. Companies will also need to provide steps for players to manage their money effectively.

How can the new principles reveal the Shiny odds in Pokemon Go?

The Shop in Pokemon Go clearly describes the content that players can purchase for a required amount. However, the odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon from the purchased bundle aren’t disclosed. For example, an Incubator can hatch any egg but the probability of getting a Shiny from the hatched egg is not known.

The commonly-believed odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon is 1/10 even though Niantic has never confirmed it. Similarly, there is no discrepancy in the Shiny odds for research-based rewards. The company may have to give definite numbers or percentages if UKIE’s guidance is enforced in the AR-based game.

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