Best Vaznev 9K Loadout on MW2 (2024)

The COD: Modern Warzone 2 has lots of powerful weapons and Vaznev 9K submachine gun is one of them that can give a good amount of buff if you get a correct attachment for this submachine gun.

Here we cover the best attachments for this SMG gun that was personally tested by us on the MW2 and surely the below-mentioned loadout for Vaznev 9k will make your day

Best Vaznev 9K Attachments on MW2

best Vaznev 9K Loadout
best vaznev 9k loadout mw2

Below we mentioned the best Vazneve 9K loadout to increase the mobility, damage out and firing speed, better grip and more.

Vaznev 9K LoadoutLoadout Names
MuzzleAVR-T90 Comp
BarrelKAS-1 381mm
StockOtrezat Stock
Rear GripTrue-Tac Grip
UnderbarrelFSS Sharkfin 90

These Vaznev 9K loadout will increase the mobility of the gun along with the recoiling speed. Decrease the ADS and the gun movement speed to normal. You can use the AVR-T90 Comp muzzle and KAS-1 381mm barrel for mobility and FSS Sharkfin 90 for increasing the recoil speed.

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The Otrezat Stock will increase the movement speed which allows you to fire more shots in lesser time. The True-Tac Grip is going to give a better grip while firing continuous shots.

Well, this is all for the Vaznev 9k build more importantly make sure to keep practicing with these builds on the firing ranges to know all about it before going to the matches.

For more related content do check our COD: Modern Warfare 2 guides section. There are also some amazing alternatives for the submachine gun such as PDSW 528 and more.