Best PDSW 528 Loadout in COD: MW2 Season 3

The PDSW 528 submachine gun is one of the popular weapons preferred by MW2 players. Because it was unlocked at the early stages of the game and it has lots of loadout options.

If you have the perfect build for this PDSW SMG gun then you can easily deliver high-end damage to enemies in the MW2. Here we share some of the best PDSW load-outs that were tested by us personally on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Best PDSW 528 Loadout In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

There are lots of benefits to using the SMG gun during the raid in Warfare 2. It has a lightweight gun with high-end damage and with a perfect build, this gun becomes a monster. More importantly, in PDSW you can add four attachments to increase mobility, damage, better drop and more.

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Below we mentioned the attachment for the PDSW 528.

Attactments NameAttachment
MuzzleFTAC Castle Comp
OpticSlimline Pro
BarrelFTAC Castle Comp
CombTV TacComb

If you go with this PDSW build then make sure to practice with it on the firing range before taking down enemies. You can also make changes to this build by replacing the Comb (TV TacComb) with Rail: Integrated Reflex Rail.

This build can give high-end buff because of the attachments that increase PDSW mobility and damage output.

How Do You Know If This PDSW Build is Perfect For You

When you practice with the PSWD builds that we have mentioned above you need to keep in mind to check if the gun is shacking while firing, the later in pointing on the target while firing, the rate of fire is increased compared to the old build you using on PDSW and most importantly how much damage dies this build delivering in gameplay.

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This is all for the best PDSW loadout guide for more relevant content do refer to our COD: MW2 guides section.