Best Walking Wake Moveset in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 

As trainers gear up for the release of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero downloadable content, they have the opportunity to add a new Paradox Pokémon to their team in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Walking Wake, the ancient version of Suicune, is a dual Water/Dragon-type Pokémon with high Special Attack and Speed stats, making it a great addition to any team as a fast sweeper.

Ability and Weaknesses of Walking Wake

With solid defensive typing and double resistance against Fire and Water, Walking Wake is a formidable opponent in battles. Its only weaknesses are Dragon and Fairy-types.

The signature Ability of Walking Wake is Protosynthesis, which boosts its highest stat, Special Attack, when in the sun or holding Booster Energy.

This makes Walking Wake most effective in competition as part of a sun team. Moreover, Walking Wake’s Tera type is Water, which adds to its defensive utility, allowing it to take neutral damage from Dragon and Fairy-type moves upon Terastallizing.

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Best Moveset for Walking Wake in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Walking Wake lacks potent set-up moves and is best suited for a fully offensive moveset. It gains access to two powerful same-type attack bonus moves: Draco Meteor and Hydro Steam, a new signature Water-type move that does extra damage in the sun.

Flamethrower is a coverage move that can deal super-effective damage against Grass-types, which may otherwise threaten it while Terastallized. As a support move, Walking Wake can use Snarl to chip away at opposing Pokémon while lowering their Special Attack stats.

Assault Vest is the ideal item for Walking Wake, as it boosts its weakest relevant stat, Special Defense. This allows Walking Wake to have more staying power, especially when coupled with Snarl. The best teammate for Walking Wake in the current format is Torkoal, the main sun setter in the game, thanks to its ability, Drought.

Great Tusk, a Paradox Pokémon that also does well in the sun and can handle Electric-types that threaten a Terastallized Walking Wake, is another good option.

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Walking Wake is a valuable addition to any trainer’s team in Pokémon Scarlet, particularly as part of a sun team. Its dual Water/Dragon typing, solid defensive typing, and powerful moves make it a formidable opponent in battles.

With the right moves and items, Walking Wake can become a valuable asset to any team and take down opponents with ease.