How Do I Turn Off My PlayStation 5

Learn how to turn off PS5 console using multiple methods such as quick menu given on the system or by the power button.

If you’ve recently purchased an PlayStation 5 gaming console and struggle to know more about it or how to access it. Then don’t worry we are always ready to help gamers with the help of our website. In this short guide we’re going to show you how you can easily turn on or turn off PlayStation 5 console without having much hassle.

You’re not alone who don’t know how to turn off the PS5. In the similar way when the PS4 newly introduced lots of gamers do know how to turn off it and same goes to PlayStation 5. Its has lots of new features compare to the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

PlayStation 5 Comes With Rest Mode Option

Well you must know that shutting down the PS5 is an actually its one of the power options. Because the PlayStation 5 also has the Rest Mode which is an less power consuming state for example we put our computer on sleep mode.

Furthermore, in reset mode your PS5 console can perform multiple functions such as it can charge the PS5 Controllers, download the updates and software, install latest games that you’ve purchased from the PlayStation Store. In the rest mode the console light’s will turn Orange in color which shows your PS5 in rest mode.

However in the rest mode your console is still turned on you make sure you don’t disconnect the power cable without completing turning it off. Once the gaming console shutdown you can easily remove the power cables without thinking twice.

How To Turn off PlayStation 5

Here are the steps you needed to follow to shutdown your PS5 gaming console.

turn off playstation 5

1. Firstly, Press the Power Button given at the controller to open the Quick Menu (given at the bottom of the screen).

2. Now scroll down to the Power icon given at the right side of the screen.

3. Press the X button with the icon highlighted to access the Power Menu.

4. Select the “Turn off PS5” option to shutdown your console. If you want to turn it right back then choose Reset PS5 instead.

After shutting down the PS5 will close all the games that running on it. To avoid data lose make sure to save the game progress before your shutdown your PS5 console. Once the console goes for shutdown the light will blink for few seconds and then turned off. After that you can remove the power cable.

Use Power Button To Turn Off PS5

how to turn off PS5 controller

If you want to your also use the physical button given at your PlayStation 5 gaming console. Just press the power button given at the bottom of the system near the glossy black panel with an shutdown icon. Press and hold the power button for at least 2 seconds until you don’t hear 2 sound beeps which means your PS5 will shutting down. However if you press the power button single time and hear 1 beep which means your PS5 goes to Rest Mode and make sure to eject the digital game disk before shutting down the console.

Hopefully this short guide help to know how you can easily turn off your PlayStation 5 without having much hassle. Moreover if you have any other quires or question related to the PS5 gaming console then feel free to ask us with the help of the comment box. We try to response as fast as possible.

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