Best Welgun Loadout For Warzone Pacific Season 5

When optimizing your loadout in the popular video game, Welgun, choosing the right attachments can significantly affect your gameplay.

In this article, we will explore the best loadout for the Welgun, focusing on the muzzle, barrel, optic, stock, under barrel, magazine, ammo type, rear grip, and perks.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to dominate the battlefield with your Welgun loadout.

Best Welgun Loadout for Warzone

Welgun Warzone
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The Welgun, a submachine gun in the game, offers players a versatile and reliable weapon to wield on the virtual battlefield.

To maximize its potential, equipping it with the right attachments is crucial. Let’s dive into the details of each attachment and how it enhances Welgun’s performance.

Muzzle: Recoil Booster

The Recoil Booster is an essential attachment for any Vanguard gun, including the Welgun. By using this muzzle, you can significantly increase your fire rate while sacrificing a small amount of accuracy. The boosted fire rate allows you to unleash a higher volume of rounds on your opponents, increasing your chances of securing kills.

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Barrel: 320mm SA Shrouded

For improved accuracy, control, and flinch resistance, the 320mm SA Shrouded barrel is an excellent choice for the Welgun.

It minimizes scope sway and gun bob, ensuring your shots land on target. However, it does slightly affect your aim-down sight speed, movement, and sprint-to-fire speed. Nevertheless, the benefits it offers in terms of accuracy make it a valuable addition to your loadout.

Optic: Slate Reflector

When it comes to selecting an optic for the Welgun, the Slate Reflector emerges as the better option. This small rectangular sight provides a 1.35x magnification and offers a precise sight picture.

With the Slate Reflector, you can easily spot and track your targets, enhancing your overall aiming and target acquisition abilities.

Stock: Removed Stock

For players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, the Removed Stock attachment is an ideal choice. It allows for faster movements, making it easier to engage in close-quarter gunfights.

Equipping the Removed Stock increases your movement speed and sprint-to-fire speed, providing a distinct advantage in fast-paced combat situations. Additionally, it improves your initial firing recoil control.

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Underbarrel: M1915 Steady

To maintain better recoil control and accuracy, the M1915 Steady underbarrel attachment is highly recommended. By utilizing this attachment, you’ll experience reduced weapon sway, allowing you to maintain more accurate shots, especially during sustained firefights.

It’s important to note that it slightly decreases hip-fire accuracy, so be mindful of your shooting style when using this attachment.

Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags

The 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags is a game-changing attachment for the Welgun. With this magazine equipped, you’ll have access to a significantly larger ammo capacity, allowing for prolonged engagements without the need for frequent reloads.

Additionally, it boosts bullet penetration, damage, velocity, and range. However, it does come with some trade-offs, such as decreased movement speed, recoil control, accuracy, and aim-down-sight speed. Choose this attachment if you prioritize sustained firepower and extended engagements.

Ammo Type: Subsonic Point

For the Welgun, the Subsonic Point ammo type proves to be a valuable choice. This ammunition increases damage to limbs while slightly reducing damage range.

It offers an advantage in situations where you need to neutralize enemies quickly by focusing on their limbs. However, it’s worth noting that the decreased damage range might require you to engage in closer combat scenarios.

Rear Grip: Taped Grip

To enhance your overall stability and accuracy during sustained firefights, the Taped Grip rear grip attachment is highly recommended.

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It provides better flinch resistance, ensuring your aim stays on target even when under fire. With this attachment, you’ll have an edge over opponents in prolonged gun battles, improving your chances of securing kills.

Welgun Loadout Perks

Following are the Welgun Loadout Perks in Warzone.

Perk 1: Acrobatic

When selecting perks for your Welgun loadout, Acrobatic is an excellent choice for the first perk slot.

This perk significantly increases your movement speed and sprinting move speed. With improved agility, you’ll be able to navigate the map swiftly, outmaneuver opponents, and secure advantageous positions.

Perk 2: Quick

For the second perk slot, Quick proves to be an effective choice. This perk slightly increases your sprint speed while wielding the Welgun.

By equipping Quick, you’ll be able to reposition and respond to changing circumstances swiftly, ensuring you maintain the upper hand in fast-paced engagements.


Crafting the perfect loadout for your Welgun is a crucial step in optimizing your gameplay. Experiment with different combinations and adapt your loadout to suit your playstyle and preferred tactics.

With the right attachments and perks, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the virtual battlefield with your Welgun loadout.