How Do You Make Masala Chai In Coffee Talk?

Coffee Talk is a visual novel developed by an Indonesian indie studio Toge Production and released on 29 January 2020 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game was released in Japan for Nintendo Switch a day later 30 January 2020.

It is a game with a relaxing story. All you have to do is to move the story by brewing drinks and talking to the customers. The game has several different beverages you can brew. Even though coffee is the staple drink in the game, and there are nine different kinds, customers also love the Masala Chai.

Do you have a bunch of customers pilling up and ordering Masala chai in coffee talk? And you don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry, and I’ve got your back. I have stated how to make a Masala chai in the coffee talk in this article, so keep reading to get the recipe.

What is Masala Chai?

Masala chai is a drink. It is basically a spiced tea from Southern Asia. The drink has a black tea base, usually mixed with milk, sugar, and special south asian spices.

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The spices, typically cardamom, cinnamon, and clove, are used in the Masala chai. After the spices are added, it is brewed, and after that, it takes a lovely color when brewed well. 

How to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk
Toge Productions

How to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk

There are several real-world recipes to choose between if you want to enjoy a cup yourself. But if you make a cup in Coffee Talk, you need to follow the following recipe to get a masala chai.

  • Tea 
  • Ginger 
  • Cinnamon 

Once you have all these three ingredients, you can produce a delicious cup of Masala chai for your waiting customer in Coffee Talk.