How To Get Bhangra Boogie in Fortnite for Free (2024)

Fortnite is always come up with something new for Fortnite lovers. Well as we all know Fortnite cosmetics have always been the top priority for gamers along with the company for sell products.

Bhangra Boogie codes
bhangra boogie

You can easily purchase products with Fortnite cosmetics if you only wanted to buy V-bucks the process is the same at GameStop.

Here, is the news OnePlus one of the most popular electronics manufacturers which also manufactures cell phones along with other products has teamed up with Fortnite.

This team-up brings a new Fortnite to emote for the Fortnite players along with OnePlus device users. This Fortnite emote is called “Bhangra Boogie” to get more information regarding OnePlus Fortnite Emote refer to the OnePlus statement.

According to the OnePlus statement, the OnePlus phone users can get this emote for free of cost and they are the only people who can access the remote who have access to the emote. So the question remains how to get bhangra boogie to emote using OnePlus.

Get Bhangra Boogie Emote Using OnePlus

Bhangra Boogie
Bhangra Boogie Emote

Here are the steps that you have to follow to obtain the bhangra boogie emote through your OnePlus mobile phone.

  1. Firstly, login into your OnePlus account on your device.
  2. Now, locate the IMEI number and PCBA number of your cell phone
  3. After getting the numbers, go to this web page and verify them.
  4. Go to the Fortnite official website and redeem the code.
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After following all the above steps you have the bhangra boogie emote on your Fortnite account. To access it go to your Fortnite account and navigate to your locker where you find the emote.

How To Get Bhangra Boogie Emote Without OnePlus

In case if you don’t one plus phone, you don’t have to be sad if you’re thinking it is necessary to have a one plus phone to get the bhangra boogie to emote. Well, I am happy to tell you that not correct you can still obtain the boogie emote using the bhangra boogie codes.

Yes, all you need to get the emote is the Fortnite bhangra boogie code that you can redeem on the Fortnite website and the emote will automatically add to your locker.

Well, so how do you get the bhangra to emote code. There are some ways to get the emote code to redeem.

Ways To Obtain Bhangra Boogie Codes

So to get obtain the emote code you can try the below given guides.

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Code Generator :

With the help of the bhangra boogie code generator, you can get the code for free to redeem for emote. The process of getting the emote code through the generator is simple. Just generate the code and redeem it on the Fortnite official website.

Purchase Emote Code Online:

There is also another way to get the emote code by purchasing through online stores for low prices or on sale. The process if simple you have to make the payment on the online store that selling emote codes for affordable pricing.

Here are some of the websites to buy Fortnite code.

  1. Ebay
  2. Eneba
  3. 4Nite

FAQ: Frequently Ask Question

These are some common questions asked by readers just like you about the emote code.

1. How do get Bhangra Bhoogie Code?

You have to get the emote code using your OnePlus phone through the IMEI number and PCBA number. Just on the OnePlus page and enter information to obtain the emote code and then redeem it on your Fortnite account of yours and the emote will be in your Fortnite locker.

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2. What is the Bhangra Bhoogie emote Code?

Its a Fortnite game emote for the Bhangra Bhoogie dance emote you can get for free through your OnePlus phone.

3. Are Bhangra Bhoogie codes expired?

The emote code is still available on the OnePlus website and can be redeemed on the Fortnite official website. Follow the above-given steps to redeem your emote code.

4. How can I get a free Bhangra Boogie code?

Follow the above given step-by-step guide to get free bhangra to emote code through the OnePlus website. Only Oneplus phone users can get the emote code for free.


Fortnite always comes with something new for its users. This time it has a new emote and you can get it for free if you have a OnePlus phone. All you’ve to do is visit the OnePlus website and enter your IMEI and PCBA number and get the free emote code. After that redeem it on your Fortnite account.