How To Evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Learn how to evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with this comprehensive guide. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet bring a new twist to the traditional formula with their open-world gameplay and freedom to explore. Along the way, trainers will encounter various Pokemon, including the elusive Pupitar. This cocoon-like creature evolves into the powerful Tyranitar, but reaching that level can be challenging. 

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How To Evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pupitar is the evolved form of Larvitar. To evolve it into Tyranitar, trainers must level it up to 55. This can be daunting as leveling up Pokemon takes time and effort. However, a few strategies can help speed up the process.

Using the Lucky Egg item is one effective way to gain more experience points (XP) and level up Pupitar faster. Lucky Egg is obtained through the gym challenge storyline and can be given to a Pokemon to hold. When a Pokemon holds a Lucky Egg, all the XP gained from battles and other sources increases, helping Pupitar level up faster.

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Another method to level up Pupitar quickly is to use EXP Candies obtained from Tera Raid battles. These candies come in various sizes; the more significant the candy, the more XP it provides. Using EXP Candies can give Pupitar a significant boost in XP, allowing you to Evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It’s also essential to keep Pupitar in battle and participate in battles that provide high XP rewards. Taking on tough opponents, such as gym leaders and trainers with high-level Pokemon, and participating in Tera Raid battles, can yield substantial XP rewards to help Pupitar level up faster.

Additionally, trainers can use traditional methods to gain XP, such as battling wild Pokemon, completing quests, and using XP-boosting moves like Exp. Share or Exp. All. These methods can also contribute to Pupitar’s XP growth and help it Evolve Pupitar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.