Blox Fruits How to Level Up Mastery Fast

In Blox Fruits, mastery is one of the most critical experience (EXP) metrics. Each weapon has its own mastery counter, and as you gain Mastery, your weapons get more powerful.

You’ll naturally earn Mastery as you play and destroy foes, but there are a few ways you can accelerate the process. This tutorial will look at some of the best tips and strategies for achieving Mastery faster than normal.

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How to Max Out Mastery Quickly

Mastery is gained mostly through defeating adversaries with the weapon you wish to master. When you beat an opponent or boss, some EXP is added to your weapon’s Mastery counter, which steadily increases over time.

So, if you want to fast max up Mastery, you’ll have to perform a lot of combat. However, there are particular bosses and opponents you can target, as well as a few creative methods, to make the process considerably smoother.

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Beating Bosses

Grinding bosses is the most efficient way to get a lot of Mastery quickly. That entails repeatedly defeating the same monster or set of bosses. If you select the appropriate bosses, you can win hundreds of levels of Mastery in every encounter, quickly maxing out weaponry.

Beating Mobs of Enemies

Bosses aren’t the only opponents you can fight in order to get Mastery. You can also battle typical enemy mobs. They will not provide you as much Mastery as high-level bosses, but they are frequently much simpler to defeat. As a result, if you can kill a big number of creatures, your Mastery will swiftly grow.

Teaming Up With Friends

You do not have to travel alone if you do not have a high enough level or the strongest weapons and stats to routinely defeat bosses. You can make the procedure easier by collaborating with a friend. This is especially useful if you have a friend who is at a higher level and has superior equipment.

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Join the same server as your friend and go to the boss fight. Maintain a safe distance while your companion performs the most damage. Then, step in and land the knockout blow on the boss. You’ll gain the Mastery EXP if you finish them off and do at least 10% damage overall.

That’s how to level up Mastery in Blox Fruits as I’ll see you in the next guide of Roblox.

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