Diablo 4 Dead in the Water Quest: Lie or Tell the Truth?

Dead in the Water is one of the side quests of Diablo 4. Where you have to follow the mission requirement to meet with the new boss of Diablo 4. At the end of the quest, you have to face Szilvia and have to make a choice and then you will be introduced to the new Boss, quest, and challenges of Diablo 4. Diablo 4 Dead in the Water Choice isn’t that hard, you just have to visit the marked location on the map with the Tomaj.

Here are the details to follow in the Diablo 4 Dead in the Water Quest. 

Diablo 4 Dead in the Water Quest: Where to Start?

Diablo 4 Dead in the Water Location
Location of Diablo 4 Dead in the Water

To start the Dead in the Water Quest you have to find Tomaj. You can find Tomaj in the east of the Forsaken Coast Inside Backwater. In the first appearance, Tomaj won’t be alone in there. Tomaj and Szilvia having a little chat over there.

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Where you overheard the thing about Drowned Sighting and that are shaping into Monster. Now, Tomaj has to face this issue and solve it all by himself. 

Dead in the Water Quest will begin when Tomaj seeks help from you to battle out with those monsters. Now, as a reward, you will get the Salvage Cache. 

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Diablo 4: Dead in the Water Quest Step 1

After talking and understanding the requirements from Tomaj, you and Tomaj need to head to the South of Backwater and find the corpses there. 

Corpses aren’t hard to find there, the approximate location of the corpse is marked on the map with a blue dot. 

  1. You will find the first corpse in the Northeastern part.
  2. 2nd corpse is located in the center of the area.
  3. At last, you will find the third corpse in the southern part of the area. 
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You have to go to that location, where you find the fresh corpses, and click on them. 

Diablo 4: Dead in the Water Quest Step 2

Now, you have to encounter the Drowned Monster in that area, you have to face them till you collect the 10 salvaged resources. Also, Tomaj might burn the bodies of the monsters. 

Diablo 4: Dead in the Water Quest Step 3

Further, the drowned monster will spawn around the stranded survivors, it will be in the southern part of the area. Now, you have to shelter the Stranded Survivors and kill those monsters in there. 

Diablo 4: Dead in the Water Quest Step 4

The Stranded Surviors is known by the name of Ervin, Ervin is the survivor of the ship, and you have to bring back Ervin to Szilvia. Return with Tomaj and Ervin to the eastern part of the Backwater. 

The last in the Diablo 4: Dead in the Water Quest choice

Where you have to answer to the Szilvia. When you return to the Backwater with Ervin and Tomaj. Szilvia might question the capability of Tomaj, She questions whether Tomaj did all this work by himself or if you had helped him in there. 

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You have to choose between where you have to answer yes, he has done all the work by himself or you can choose yes, I have helped him in there. 

Whether you select either of the options, Szilvia will introduce you to the next boss of the Diablo 4


Find Tomaj in the backwater kill the drowned monster and return back with the Ervin and Tomaj to the backwater. Szilvia will ask you questions and you need to answer her. The answers won’t affect the results. You will meet the new boss.

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