B7 Boneyard Bunker Code COD MW Warzone

In Incall of duty, players will find themselves competing and dueling over control of Bunkers to get the gear inside. Whereas some people are unaware of this, there is a code to enter many of its bunkers if they maintain control of the point.

Boneyard Bunker is unlocked with the 8 digit code. Thus, if you want to unlock B7 Boneyard Bunker. Then you have to enter an eight-digit code in the keypad. You need to access the code to enter the B7 Boneyard Bunker in COD Warzone. In this article, we will discuss where to enter this code and how to open the Bunker.

Boneyard Bunker Access Codes

You have to input the boneyard bunker code to open the door. In the boneyard bunker, you have to go to the most prominent building. You will find two substantial vault doors here. Then, You will find a tiny keypad to the right of these doors. If you want to access it, then you need to enter the input code.


When you interact with it, a tiny pop-up will appear in which you have to enter the code. The entered code is 97264138. After entering this eight-digit code, you will be able to enter the vault and look around.

B7 Boneyard Bunker Location

Moreover, if you want to use the access code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker, firstly, you have to go to Verdansk. You will see the grid ‘B7 ‘on the lower left of the map. Then, you have to go towards the top right of this grid bock. Then, you can see the access code here. It would help if you kept going on this path. Then, you will enter the Bunker eventually. It would help if you kept your eye on the tallest building. Then, you can join it.

Part Of Tighten The Noose Intel Mission

Now, you are in the part of Tighten the Noose mission in Warzone. In this mission, you will have to search for 7 intel files in total to complete the task. In out of these, you will find 2 files are located inside the vault. Then, it would be best if you opened it. After this, you have to collect the rest of the 5 files. As you will see, the B7 Bunker is the last location. Then, You will have to visit this mission.

This is all about that you need to know about how to open the B7 Boneyard Bunker using a code in Warzone.

Way to get The B7 Boneyard Bunker Access Code

Watch Tapes On Pawntakespawn

You can find the B7 Bunker Code by playing the “1977-78” tape on pawntakespawn.com. The player shows the “WZ-B7-97264 138” code once the tape reaches the 17:51 mark. This related to Warzone B-7, then code 97264138.

Site Gets Updated

You will find the pawntakespawn.com gets updated regularly. This will be showing new clues as to the topics and themes of the new COD. Thus, you need to check it regularly because you find the latest secrets and easter eggs about the upcoming title.

B7 Boneyard Bunker Contents & Easter Eggs

More Clues On The Next COD

You will find the B7 Bunker contains clues. This may point out or solve the upcoming mysteries. It is interesting to know. All indications point to more clues. And it will lead to more details about the next Call of Duty. Moreover, many easter eggs, like the “Bish You Were Here,” were made to launch this clue-finding event.

Room Contains Legendary Loot

Here, you will find the room contains a good amount of Legendary Crates. So, you can access to get kitted out weapons. And if you are playing Warzone, you have to visit and open the Bunker to get good weapons. Also, you can get a significant amount of cash for plunder here.

North Boneyard bunker

You will find two bunkers located around Boneyard, and both of them have different codes. Thus, you will see the North Boneyard bunker is located in the B5 section of the map. You have to keep your eyes on building with curved entry points. You will have to enter the one which is located toward the southeast of the building. When you enter from right then, you need to take a left. You will find a trap door, and a barred door is waiting for you.
You can approach the door and enter code 87624851 to open it.

South Boneyard bunker

You will find the second Bunker in the Boneyard area, which is located toward its south side. It would be best if you looked out for a circular doorway. Its location looks like the door, and it will help you go inside the mountain. When you are inside, the barred door will be waiting for you. You have to enter the secret code 97264138 on it.