B7 Boneyard Bunker Code in COD: Warzone (Guide)

In Tighten the Noose mission you need to unlock the Boneyard Bunker using the 8-digit code. Thus to unlock it you need to enter the code on the keypad of the Bunker.

In this article, we will guide you on where to enter this code and how to open the Boneyard Bunker.

Boneyard Bunker Access Codes

You have to input the boneyard bunker code to open the door of the bunker. In the boneyard bunker, you have to go to the most prominent building. You will find two substantial vault doors here.

Then, You will find a tiny keypad to the right of these doors. If you want to access it, then you need to enter the input code.

COD Code

When you interact with it, a tiny pop-up will appear in which you have to enter the code. The entered code is 97264138. After entering this eight-digit code, you will be able to enter the vault and look around.

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B7 Boneyard Bunker Location

Moreover, if you want to use the access code for the B7 Boneyard Bunker, firstly, you have to go to Verdansk. You will see the grid ‘B7 ‘on the lower left of the map. Then, you have to go toward the top right of this grid block.

Then, you can see the access code here. It would help if you kept going on this path. Then, you will enter the Bunker eventually. It would help if you kept your eye on the tallest building. Then, you can join it.

The Bunker is part of the Tighten the Noose mission in the game. There is a total of 7 intel files that you need to collect to complete the mission. Out of these, you will find 2 files located inside the vault. That you need to open it. After this, you have to collect the rest of the 5 files you need to collect.

This is the end of this guide, Hopefully, you find the article helpful to know Boneyard Bunker Code. For similar articles read our Call of Duty Warzone Guides such as how to slide in COD Warzone and more.

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