Borderlands 3: How To Get Hecktoplasm

Don’t know what Hecktoplasm is, and you’re looking for ways to get Hectoplasm for the bloody harvest in Borderlands 3?

Well, don’t worry anymore I’ve got your back. I have created a guide on getting Hecktplasm in Borderlands 3.

The Bloody Harvest is a Halloween-themed event in Borderlands 3. During the event, the players get several challenges, on completion of which they get various cosmetic items to customize their character. 

There are many ways to get hecktoplasm in Borderlands 3, so let’s get into it without more delay.

The Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest is signaling the end of the previous series of events, which celebrated Borderlands’ 10th anniversary.

This 2-month-long event brings Haunted enemies, new legendary weapons, more Anointed loot drops, and a spooky boss fight.

To reach the heart of this content and descend into the depths of Heck, players must first gather Hecktoplasm from new Haunted enemies across the universe.

What is Hecktoplasm?

Hecktoplasm is a resource that you have to give to Maurice in exchange for opening the portal where you have to fight with Captain Haunt.

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Who is Captain Haunt? Captain Haunt is a great boss in the game who drops many great legendaries, such as Fearmonger and Ghast Call. 

The Boss is found in Heck Hole you require 25 Heckto plasma. To farm the Boss, you need alot of Hecktoplasms. Hectoplasm can be farmed anywhere. Let’s look at the best way to get hecktoplasm.

hecktoplasm BL3
Image via 2K Games

Busting Ghosts 

If you want to participate in the Bloody Harvest event, you should start by heading to the Sanctuary III shop

  • there you will have to find Maurice, who will wander the decks. 
  • Speaking with Maurice will allow you to begin the “Descent into Heck” quest. 
  • This quest will cause the event to begin. 
  • After you get the quest, you will come across special haunts throughout the galaxy. They have a weird glow, and these creatures will drop Heckoplasm when you kill them.
  • After killing 25 enemies, you will get 25 heckoplasm.
  • And then you can head back to Maurice to begin their Descent into Heck.
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Highway to Heck 

  • Once you collect all the hectoplasms and head to Maurice, he will open a portal to the Heck dimension.
  • The heck dimension will allow you to enter and take on Captain Haunt and his minions. 
  • Before you enter the portal, ensure you are well-geared and well-equipped.
  • Captain Haunt is a gigantic ghostly mega pirate many undead Maliwan soldiers. guard him, but also you’ll get a lot of loot, so remember to have space in your inventory.