How To Download and Use Borderlands 3 (BL3) Save Editor (2024)

The Borderlands 3 Save Editor is used to get new items or swap your save file with existing data from Borderlands 3 in simple words the Save Editor is used to make changes to in-game progress.

The Save Editor for Borderlands 3 is quite helpful for the player who wants to re-obtain their lost heroes without playing the entire game repeatedly.

Moreover, the software also helps you to get rid of game bugs that can cause your BL3 mission to lock in place (Not able to process without the game story).

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Currently, on the web, there are mainly two save editors available for Borderlands 3 and both editors can only be used on the PC and not on Consoles.

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How To Use The BL3 Save Editor

Once you’ve downloaded the BL3 Save Editor and installed it on your PC then in order to use it follow the below-given steps.

  1. Download the BL3 Save Editor from the GitHub.
  2. Simply run the EXE file.
  3. After that click to Open and select your profile.sav.
  4. Edit your profile to your heart’s content
  5. Once you’re done editing, click to save your profile.

How Does Borderlands 3 Save Editor Works?

The developer of Borderlands 3 Save Editor does not release a guide on how the save editor works. Such as codes, programming, design framework and much more. But here is some of the information that we can share with you about the working of the Borderlands 3 save editor.

BL3 Save Editor accesses the saved files that are stored in your specific folder created by Borderlands 3. Basically, once the editor accesses the saved files from your computer it will display all the features that the save editor contains.

Do Borderlands 3 Save Editor Also Work for Console?

Gibbed Borderlands 3

Currently, there is no save editor available for game consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation. The developer of the save editor does not develop the save editor version for the console until Borderlands 3. Presently, there is only the PC version of the saving editor is available.

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This means if you lose your Borderlands 3 Character in the mission or lock the character during the mission. Then in this case, on Console, you needed to replay the game to retrieve your character.

BL3 Save Editor is Legal or Not?

Basically, using the Save Editor to access the game content that you do not purchase is a violation of the TOS. Moreover, in some, the countries such as Japan modding and saving editors is illegal.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you get complete knowledge of the BL3 Save Editor from this guide. For more similar articles don’t forget to check our Bordlands guides including the Bordlands 2 Characters Guide.

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