Borderlands 3 Save Editor: New Items, Modify Character (2022)

Borderlands 3 Save Editor is used to get new items or swap your save file with existing data of Borderlands 3. The BL3 save editor is a tool to equipped new items, weapons, money, unlimited ammo in the BL3 video game.

What is Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

The Save Editor for Borderlands 3 is quite helpful for the player who wants to re-obtain their lost heroes without playing the entire game repeatedly. Moreover, the software also helps you to get rid of game bugs that can cause your BL3 mission to lock in place (Not able to process without game story).

After the introduction of the Borderlands video game, the players are making changes to the game characters or modifying the items using the save editor. Moreover, multiple online servers on the web allow players to utilize a save editor. Players like you and me can easily able to display their self-modified character concoctions without getting the ban from the game.

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Now the question stands? what you can able to do with Borderlands 3 save editor? Well, the answer is all the save editor is different but these are some of the common features that save editors can perform.

  • Make changes to your Guardian Rank Data
  • Unlock the entire Borderlands characters cosmetics
  • Add More Currencies
  • Swap SDU levels
  • Customize your character’s Class, Levels, and Name
  • Edit the items
    • Build new items from scratch
    • Change any part of the items
    • Import items from a list of Borderlands 3 item codes
    • Filter the legit items found in the game

Furthermore, all these save editor features allow you to re-build your Borderlands character without having a hassle. With the save editor, you can also add additional items to your characters such as skin, head, new weapons, new items and much more.

How Does Borderlands 3 Save Editor Works?

The developer of Borderlands 3 Save Editor does not release the guide on how the save editor works? Such as codes, programming, design framework and much more. But here some of the information that we can share with you about the working of Borderlands 3 save editor.

BL3 Save Editor access the saved files that stored into your the specific folder created by the Borderlands 3. Basically, once the editor access the saved files form your computer it will display all the features that the save editor contains.

Do Borderlands 3 Save Editor Also Works for Console?

Gibbed Borderlands 3

Currently, there is not a single save editor available for the game console like Xbox One and PlayStation. The developer of the save editor does not develop the save editor version for console until for Borderlands 3. Presently, there is only PC version of save editor is available.

This means if you lose your Borderlands 3 Character in the mission or lock the character during the mission. Then in this case, on Console you needed to replay the game to retrieve your character.

Where To Locate Borderlands 3 Save Files in PC?

So, only PC version Save Editors are available for Borderlands 3, then you need to know where do you find the save files of BL3 on your computer storage to swap them or modify them using the BL3 Save Editor


For Windows PC users you can easily navigate the BL3 Save Files on your PC though below given address.

“C:Users<Username>DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands 3SavedSaveGames<UUID>”


The Mac user can located the save files on the following location on their Mac storage.

 “~/Library/Application Support/GearboxSoftware/OakGame/Saved/”

Once you’ve find the save files on your PC then make sure to identify them.

How Many Save File Types In Borderlands 3?

Technically, Borderlands 3 has different save files types – First is Profile Save File, Second is Character Save File and the main difference between these two save files are. The Profile Save Files carries all the data that is shared among all the BL3 Characters on other hand. Character Save File, has all the data that is saved within the certain character.

So, if you wanted to make changes into both the save files types and don’t the process of identifying which one is which, Don’t worry here the guide that helps you out to understand the process You need to focus on the file name The Profile Save File is commonly “Profile.sav” and on other hand the character save file are a string of numbers with sav extension which might look like this “numbers .sav”.

What Changes Can You Make Using Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

BL3 Save Editor

The Borderlands 3 has two different save files Profile and Character that stored into your PC and both the files can easily be accessible using the BL3 Save Editor. Here is the complete information regarding what changes can you make using Save Editor using these two save files.

Profile Save File:

These are the following modification that you can perform using the Profile Save File through the Save Editor.

  • Make Changes In Bank
  • Modify the Guardian Bank
  • Unlock All of the Customize cosmetics
  • Change the Bank Space and lost SDU loot located in Profile file.

Character Save File:

These are the changes that you can perform using the Character save file using the Borderlands 3 Save Editor.

  • Increase or Decrease the character levels
  • Make changes to Weapons SDUs.
  • Changes Character Customizations.
  • Swap the class
  • Modify the character inventory.

These are the changes that you can easily able to perform on Borderlands 3 using the save editor. Moreover, there are multiple types of save editors were available on web. That has several features including the changes we have mentioned above.

How Many Borderlands 3 Save Editor Available on Web?

According to the gamers there are only two save editors were available that working perfectly with Borderlands 3. Here the names of both the save editors. Borderlands 3 Save Editor (BL3 Save Editor) and Borderlands 3 Savegame Editor.

The BL3 Save Editor is mainly used to modify an infinite array of items you prefer in the game. However, this save editor was not get updated for a very long time. So it best to use a second save editor.

Moreover, there also another Save Editor called Borderlands 3 Profile Editor that available on the web. However, it only allows you to make changes to the save BL3 Profile file. Moreover, the Gibbed is well popular for the save editor of Borderlands. As you know Borderlands 2 Gibbed Save Editor is one of the best for modifying.

Currently, the Borderlands 3 Gibbed Save Editor is under development. According to the sources, Rick Gibbed is developing the save editor for BL3 and it will be soon released within few months.

Guide to Use Borderlands 3 Save Editor?

Borderlands 3 Editor

Here is the guide that you’ve to follow to use the Borderlands 3 Save Editor is simple to use and you can easily able to operate it using few clicks. Follow the below given step by step instructions to modify your BL3 Characters and Profile via Save Editor.

  1. Open web browser on your PC ( make sure you’re connected to the internet while performing these steps). Now go to the web browser and enter the following web address
  2. Now, once you opened the website you see its look like blank with few words.
  3. On the website, at the middle of the web page. You’ll able to see Box ( to select the save file ).
  4. Here, you can either upload Profile or Character save file. Select the save file that you want to modify.
  5. After upload the save file wait for few minutes until website load complete file with skills.

After uploading the Borderlands 3 save file on the website these the following things will happen.

Character Save File:

In the Character file, the website displays these three different tabs (General, Character, Inventor) will appear in few minutes.

  • In the Save Editor, the General tab particularly displays your save info including Save Slot and Save Guid number.
  • Moreover, the Character tab displays all of your character’s attitudes and traits that you can easily transform into something new.
  • The Inventory tab display all equipped items in your inventory along with the items in your backpack.

Profile Save File:

In the Profile .sav file, the web page load modification options like Bank and Profile. You an use them to make changes into your Profile.

  • .
  • In the Profile tab, you can examine all of the Guardian stats (Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter) that can be adjusted. You can also improve your guardian rank along with the tokens.
  • In the Bank tab. Through this tab, you can add and remove items without having hassle.

How To Add New Items into Save Files in Borderlands 3?

Inside the Borderlands 3 Save Editor, you may discover a box that states, “Add Item+”. If you tick on the box, a complete new dropdown will bestow you what you can add.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to use the buttons underneath, like the Balance, Inventory Data, Manufacturer, Level, Parts any many more. However what if there is a more straightforward method to add items into your backpack/bank? Just simply use the BL3(serial) to produce an item from a string of code.

Where Do I Find The Items Using BL3 Bar?

Borderlands 3 Save Editor

Obtaining it on your own may be a hassling task separately because each item has its elaborate code that you’ll have to conclude on your own. Don’t worry, here is the solution to your problem

This is the link to the spreadsheet of strings of code for each item. It has everything you need to rebuild your BL3 character without having a hassle.

Access the Modified Save File That Exported from BL3 Save Editor

After making the changes to your character or Profile. Now there some extra steps that you’ve followed to make the changes work on the game. 

  • Once you’re done editing your character or profile file. You’ll see a large blue button “Download Edited File” tap on it.

Note: Make sure that before you tap on the button, the items that you’re editing will be exported in the right version of the Borderlands 3 that you’ve on your PC.

  • Rechecking everything, Tap on the blue button, and a file should be downloaded to your PC.
  • The Character File will be saved with this name “{number}_edited.sav”
  • The Profile File will be saved with the name “profile_edited.sav”
  • After downloading the file from the save editor. You’ve to erase the tag, “_edited” from the file name, and copy the renamed file to your BL3 saves folder.
  • Now, start Borderlands 3 and make necessary changes to the game settings

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BL3 Save Editor is Safe or Not?

Borderlands 3 Save Editor are develop by the gaming community and thus it is illegitimate. However, using the Save Editor on the official Borderlands Server may cause the issue or get your BL3 account ban. So, it could be best to use this program on your own private server or in the single player game campaign.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Borderlands 3 Save Editor with complete explanation.

Is there a Gibbed for Borderlands 3?

According to the sources, the Borderlands 3 Save Editor by Gibbed is under development. Main while you can use BL3 Editor and Borderlands 3 Save Editor to make changes into your save files. You can also use Borderlands 3 Profile Editor to modify Profile save file.

Can you modify guns in Borderlands 3?

You cannot instantly upgrade guns you’ve previously looted in Borderlands 3. However, there are ways of executing it more probable that those items you endeavour have their best values. Borderlands 3’s new game + mode option, allows players to replay the entire mission story and associated party quests.

Can you cheat in Borderlands 3?

You can use BL3 Save Editor to makes it into your Save Files of Borderlands 3 game. With help of the BL3 Save Editor you can get new items and weapons into your backpack its similar to the cheat codes process.

How do you get unlimited money in Borderlands 3?

There are numerous ways to get unlimited money in Borderlands 3. You can complete mission to get money or else you can use Save Editor to get instants money in Borderlands 3 without having a hassle.

Can you get banned for using modded weapons in Borderlands 3?

No there lot fewer chance of getting banned for using the Modded weapons in Borderlands 3. However, its best to use the mod weapons on the private server or solo player campaign to avoid the risk

Final Words:

After reading this entire BL3 Save Editor guide you have an proper idea about what is Borderlands 3 Save Editor and how you can use it to modify the save files to get new items or customize your character in the Borderlands 3 without having hassle.