Borderlands 2 Characters: All Playable Characters Ranked (2022)

Borderlands 2 Characters are best and worth if you don’t know which one is good for you this can be very troublesome issue. The Borderlands 2 is an pretty interesting video game and every beginner need some time to get into it. But once you’re into it you will going to spends lots of your time in it. Due to the game contents and graphics.

So, it’s important to select the best and strongest character to survival as much you can in the game and if you don’t choose the perfect character then you need to restart the complete game to select another character. That will be a total waste of time. But first of all, you need to know something about the Borderlands 2 video game.

What is Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2 is an 1-person shooting video game which is developed by Gearbox Software and released by 2K Games in 2012 same as other Borderlands first edition that was introduced in 2009 . The gameplay of Borderlands 2 is based on the first-person shooter with element available to the character you select in the starting of the game.

The game is divided into several semi-sections of the world, where you need to complete a mission to unlock items and other next-level missions. All the available characters in the game encounter different missions.

Moreover, Borderlands 2 features 6 weapons type that includes – pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. Each weapon has its own stat and properties. Borderlands 2 supports 4-players cooperative multiplayer however PlayStation Vita only supports two players. Now come to the point of what are the best Borderlands 2 characters to choose when you start the game.

Don’t worry, this short knowledge article will guide you to the strongest Borderlands 2 Characters with complete information.

Best Playable Broadlands 2 Characters

Playable Broadlands 2 Characters

Generally, there are 6 best Broadlands 2 characters to select from including the 2  DLC only characters. From the six the four are the basic starting characters and each of them has their own certain abilities and skillset. So you need some extra time to understands the character.

Moreover, each character has its own story and that takes lots of time to know each of the characters. But don’t worry we are not going to tell you the story of each playable character, Here in this article, we are going to guide you about all the character’s strengths and their skill trees, you can arrange your upgrade points in the game.

List of playable characters in Broadlands 2

  • Axton (The Commando)
  • Maya (Siren)
  • Salvador (Gunzerker)
  • Zer0 (Assassin)
  • Gaige (Mechromancer)
  • Krieg (Psycho)

1. Axton (The Commando):


Axton is one of the versatile character to choose due how simple to use his abilities in the game. Moreover, Axton abilities is known as Sabre Turret which Axton can dispose of a specific Dahl Sabre Turret that is a positioned rifle with a 360° rotation. It has numerous upgrades as we will see later and you can extend it anywhere in the game. The turret serves about 20 sec. and its cooldown in 42 seconds after the use.

Axton melee weapon is a tomahawk and does a few more major damage than the other characters’ melee. His class mod is described as the device on his right-shoulder and adjustments as your class mod changes. He had earlier a Dahl soldier, but after that join the AWOL and shifted to a mercenary. These are the three skill trees that Axton has:

# Guerrilla Tree 

This is Axton’s first skill tree. It centers on seizing him into the fight faster and it also develops Sabre Turret’s capacity to do endless high damage attacks. Mainly, there are six tiers that the Guerrilla tree owns, and each of them appends at least one upgrade slot that can fit a pair of upgrade points in respectively.

# Gunpowder Tree 

This is the second skill tree and it centers on medium-range explosives and weapon damage. It furthermore assists in using the turret to distract opponents and supports to improve his combat stats in the longer run. It also has six tiers same as the Guerrilla tree has, and each of them appends at least one upgrade slot that can implement several upgrade points.

# Survival Tree

It’s Axton’s final skill tree and its concentrates on increasing his defences and his central skills and also serves in improving his low health (HP). Furthermore, It also supports making the Sabre Turret’s cooldown faster so he can generate it more oftentimes in combat. It also has the six tiers same as other skill trees, and each appends at least one upgrade slot that can implement a serval of upgrade points.

2. Maya (The Siren):


Maya is the Siren of the organization of Vault Hunters and is likewise very pleasant to handle because of all the abilities she holds. Moreover, Her central strength is to utilize her powers as a Siren and interrupt an opponent in a different dimension. She can also freeze an Opponent and cause damage throughout the battle. Her freezing power does have the capacity to be upgraded for doing more damage to the opponent in combat.

Furthermore, her strength is called Phaselock and it is remarkably beneficial for crowd control in co-op along with the solo play. Because Maya and Lilith are the only Sirens that Handsome Jack recognizes, that is why jack’s following them both. Due to this, she was on the train to Pandora at the very origin of the video game. These are the 3 skill trees of Maya.

# Motion Tree

This is Maya first skill tree and mainly it was focused on developing her Phaselock skill for crowd handle and defence along with that lets her brainwash opponent to confuse them to fight each other. Same as the Axton’s his skill tree also has six tiers and each of them appends at least one upgrade slot.

# Harmony Tree

This skill tree is concentrated on promoting her healing powers on her and her team members and also maintaining her damage per second goes up. Harmoney tree also has 6 tiers for upgradations and each of them replies at least one upgrade slot for each with different variations.

# Cataclysm Tree

The cataclysm tree is the third and last skill she has and it focused on the entire elements she processes including fire, acid, slag and electrocution. Same as other tree’s cataclysm tree also has six-tier of up-gradation and each tier adds a minimum of one upgrade slot for each point.

3. Salvador (The Gunzerker)

borderlands 2 classes

Salvador is also one of the best playable character due his Gunzerker ability. He is an master of the all the classes because he was enabled to use two weapons at once in any combat which simply means more damage to the opponent.

Moreover, while salvador in the state of Gunzerking, he can easily able to regain the health (HP) and weapons ammo along with that his stats are increased. The most interesting thing is he is the only Vault Hunter in the Broadlands 2 to be born and grow up in the Pandora. The default cooldown for the Salvador ability is 40 seconds however the duration is 20 seconds. Furthermore, he is also wanted for the crimes including cannibalism, public indecency, theft, and arson.

Here the list of Salvador Skill Trees:

# Gun Lust Tree:

The Gun Lust tree is the first skill tree. It concentrates on the ability to exchange to and from specific guns and aids in the reloading process. It also provides him multiple gun skills. Moreover, just other tree sills also has six tiers and each of them appends at least one upgrade slot.

# Rampage Tree:

This skill tree is centred on uniting more ammunition to his weaponry and also helps boost the stats of the Gunzerking strength. It also lowers the cooldown rates for specific abilities. The skill tree has 6 Tiers and each tier has its upgrade slot.

# Brawn Tree:

This is the last skill tree of Salvador and its concentrates on the physical damage consumption for him along with all team members with regaining health (HP). Furthermore, this skill tree ability also provides him with some physical abilities to use in combat. Same as other Salvador skill trees this tree also has 6 Tiers and each slot has upgradation.

4. Zer0 (The Assassin)

best borderlands 2 characters

Zero is quite reticent yet one of the coolest assassin class characters in Borderlands. The Gearbox was placed into Borderlands 2 and no one knows who he is or what he resembles beneath the mask. All that we comprehend about him is that he is an assassin that gets paid to complete given missions and settled up improving the Vault Hunters in their exploration for the Vault.

Moreover, Zer0’s unique ability called Decepti0n allows him the capacity to settle down a holographic decoy of himself to distract opponents. While this attraction is deployed in the battle. The Zer0 turns invisible and that makes a medium to avoid danger. When he was invisible the damage is increased and benefits him to defeat harder opponents. These are the three skill trees of Zer0.

# Sniping Tree

The Zer0 first skill tree is concentrated on guns like sniper rifles and assault rifles to give more high-end damage. if an opponent is shot in the head or a critical spot of the opponent’s body. It also has six tiers and each tier has its own upgrading slot.

# Cunning Tree

The Cunning tree is focused on developing the Decepti0n and its strengths and this can benefit able for both ranged attacks and melee combat. Moreover, it also improves the reloading speed of the weapons and has six tiers that have cunning trees,

#Bloodshed Tree

This is the last tree that mainly focuses on the on the mele attacks and weapons. This is tree is not for the run with gun type gamers. Moreover, this tree also added a shield to the Zer0 health along with regaining it. Same as other it has 6 tiers and each tier has its own updating slot.

5. Gaige (The Mechromancer)

solo Broadlands 2 Characters

The Gaige (Mechromaner) in Boardlands 2 can able to change a mech onto the combat to support your opponent. Moreover, she is the first character to be introduced as DLC for the Borderlands franchise one and the only way you can choose her is to have the GOTY edition or purchase her.

Her most powerful ability is Deathtrap in which a robot called D374-TP comes and supports her combat. Most of the gamers said she is the most comfortable and also the most challenging to play due to her different skillset.

The Gaige is able to summons the robot in the combat. When Deathtrap is deployed in the battle it will attack the closest opponent and whatever skills you’ve equipped him in the combat. Deathtrap is particularly efficient at decimating ground hostels and can serve as a diversion to draw opponent fire from yourself and the team. Don’t think that he cannot fit for the air fight. Her laser attack and flight capabilities can be useful in the battlefield.

Moreover, the Deathtrap has 60 seconds cooldown. She has the most long-drawn base time limit for her central capacity than any other Vault Hunter in-game.

# Best Friends Forever Tree

The skill tree is focused on durability and the damage and defence development for Deathtrap. It also supplies you assistance if you have a full review of your weapon. Best Friends Forever tree has six tiers and each of them appends at least one upgrade slot.

# Little Big Trouble Tree

The Little Big Trouble Tree is the second skill tree set of Gaige. This tree is concentrated elemental effects and damage, favouring Shock damage out of the four elements available. This tree also added some extra power to the Deathtrap in the form of the high-powered heat beams, shock blasts, and other attacks. This tree also has six tiers and each of them has space of one upgrade slot.

# Ordered Chaos

The Ordered Chaos tree is totally focused on the Anarchy ability. It can boost the damaging capacity of the weapon but reduces the accuracy over time. But it can let the character reload its weapons faster without having a hassle or wasting time in the battle. It also has six tiers and each of them has its own space for upgradation.

6. Krieg (The Psycho)

co-op Broadlands 2 Characters

The Krieg is a psycho-class character and he is the second character introduced as DLC for the Broadlands franchise, and the only way to get him is by the GOTY edition or purchasing him from the store. Moreover, he is able to transform into the psycho killer, taken with his Buzzaxe Krieg will definitely go on the rampage.

According to the gamers, the Krige playstyle is different compared to other Broadlands 2 characters. Because, with Krieg you can take as much damage as you take to increase your abilities. When the Krieg is enabled his action skillset he will transform into the physio killer for small duration of the time.

Furthermore, he has 500% of melee damage and one of the perfectability of his that once you take down the opponent Krieg Health will restore itself to a full bar. The duration of the Buzzaxe Krieg for cooldown is 120 seconds and it can increase the moving speed of Krieg up to 33 percent.

Here are the Krieg Skill trees:

# Blood Lust Tree

The blood lust tree is concentrated on the ranged battles and getting the bloodlust stacks to develop his skills and power in the combat. Moreover, this tree help the character to improve his skills along with regain health. Same as other tree is has 6 tiers and each tier has add atleast single upgrade slot.

# Maina Tree

The Maina Tree is the second skill tree of Krieg and it’s focused on improving the melee combat damage. Generally, its high-risk and high-end damage skill tree. You need to take damage from the opponent for your Buzz Axe Rampage to generate more quickly.

# HellBorn Tree

The Hellborn tree is an last and final skill tree of Krieg. This tree is concentrated on various element effect improvements such as Fire. Moreover, this skill tree can give you extra advantage, because with this you can set yourself into the fire to give more high-end damage to the opponent. Just like other tree it also has 6 tiers and each of them has atleast single upgrade slot.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the best borderlands 2 characters with the complete explanation.

Who are the playable characters in Borderlands 2?

These are the playable characters in Borderlands 2 – Axton (The Commando), Maya (Siren)
Salvador (Gunzerker), Zer0 (Assassin), Gaige (Mechromancer) and Krieg (Psycho).

Who is the most fun character in Borderlands 2?

These are some of the most fun characters in borderlands 2 – Krieg, Maya and Zer0.

Do I need to play Borderlands 1 before 2?

Technically, you don’t really need to play Borderlands 1. Because its story-light when it compared to the Borderlands 2. But you will get a better perspective of BL2 after you played BL1.

Which Could Best Character In Borderlands 2 For Solo?

These three Axton, Maya and Gaige will be the best for the solo player. Because all these character has attack and defense skill tree set.

What are the best Borderlands 2 Characters for Co-op Play?

The Salvador, Zer0 and Krieg are the best characters that you can choose for the co-op play. Because these characters are best for attack, defense and support for the all the allies in the team.

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Final Words:

Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful to know the best playable Borderlands 2 characters. Furthermore, each character in the BL2 has its own specialties and skill tree. If you’re an experienced gamer then you can easily pick the best character according to the battle.