Circles Manhwa Chapter 123 Raw Scans and Spoilers

Circles is a Manhwa series. The genres are drama, Harem, Romance, and school life stories. The protagonist is a hard-working boy trying to get into university. There are 123 chapters of the Manhwa.

The wait is over, and chapter 123 of the Manhwa Series is out. Let’s look into its release date, raw scans, and potential spoilers; if you haven’t read the article, do that before you hop onto it.

When is Circles Manhwa Chapter 123 coming out?

Chapter 123 of The Manhwa Circles should’ve been released by May 15th, 2023, but for some reason, it got delayed.

Release Date:  July 2, 2023 

Where to read:

  • Day Comics 
  • TopToon 

The English translation will drop within two days.

Recap of Circles Manhwa

In a recap of Circles Manhwa, the narrative continues with the protagonist of the story.

  • He finally passes his entrance exam
  • When he started going to college, it was nothing as anyone had imagined
  • He could see plenty of attractive women in the university, but they all worked outside his division.
  • He asked his father how to meet women in college. 
  • And his father said that all he should do is pay attention in class, and women would find him attractive.
  • He will not listen to his father’s advice.
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Spoilers of Circles, Manhwa Chapter 123 

In chapter 123, there will be more thrilling and steamy scenes. Han Nari has a breathtaking beauty throughout the chapter and will fascinate you with her every move.

  • Jaewoo will go to her apartment to fetch something
  • He will compliment her lovely furniture.
  • Han Nari Noona will then walk to change her clothes. 
  • Jaewoo walks into Han Nari Noona changing, and they kiss passionately