How To Reload Chunks in Minecraft?

A chunk is a section of the massive Minecraft world. As players are aware, the game’s map is almost infinite – players may keep walking and the globe will keep loading.

Even if a global boundary exists, it is millions of blocks away from where a player spawns. However, certain regions may require refreshing from time to time to update things.

A chunk is a 384 block tall 16×16 world region. The game’s environment is made up of tens of thousands of them that are all linked together.

The huge universe has been separated into several parts by game creators so that systems and development teams can better manage the map and load the game faster.

However, gamers may occasionally encounter a dip in FPS after loading numerous regions, necessitating a refresh.

How To Reload Chunks Minecraft
Image via Gameinstants

How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft 

Now you may be wondering how to reload chunks and to do this, hold F3 and press the “A” key at the same time. A wave of pieces will reload from your location, and the effect will cascade into the distance.

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You will also receive a debug warning indicating that chunks have been reloaded. This will clean up any block oddities without interrupting your gameplay session.

Keep in mind that this solution is only applicable to the PC Java version. To refresh blocks, you must still quit and reload your world on the console and mobile versions of Minecraft.

These block arrangement challenges might occur while dealing with a vast globe or playing a long session. Minecraft is continually drawing and re-rendering pieces as you move around your environment.

Chunks are 1616 world pieces that extend 256 blocks vertically. When you change the render distance in the settings, you’re instructing Minecraft to draw these portions at once in the viewing area. 

With so many blocks continuously being loaded and unloaded in memory, it’s natural for things to grow strange after a time.

When this happens, though, refreshing chunks will always solve the problem. So that’s how to reload chunks in Minecraft as I’ll see you in the next article. For more helpful guides do check our Minecraft guides section.

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