Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15: Release Date, Base Defenses, Heroes, More

Supercell announced the much-anticipated Town Hall addition for Clash of Clans called Town Hall 15. The Town Hall 15 update is the biggest town hall update ever done with new troops, new defenses, new spells and hero pets. I’m super excited to talk about the town hall 15 updates so without further ado let’s dive right in.

Town Hall 15 Release Date 

Town Hall 15 has been released since October 10, 2022. The update was launched after a maintenance update on the app.

Town Hall 15 Theme 

The Clash village has been enchanted with town hall 15 magic. With new upgraded buildings, hero skins, and of course the town hall’s 15 walls this new update is super thrilling. Although town hall 15 doesn’t get the brand new signature weapon, you’ll still be able to upgrade town hall 15’s giga inferno making it even more powerful.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 1

Town Hall 15 Latest Troop 

Get ready to shake up the matter because there’s a new troop called Electro Titan. Electro Titan is a new ground troop fighting with an electric aura and also deals area of effect damage around her affecting both ground and air units but not walls.

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Town Hall 15 Hero Pet 

In this update, there are four new hero pets that I have mentioned below.

Frosty: Frosty is an absolute unit capable of soaking up damage but watch out because his swarming ice mites do extra damage to invading targets.

Poison Lizard: spits toxins with a rapid-fire attack. Targets that are damaged by this toxin will be slowed down.

Phoenix: Phoenix is a fiery feathered friend who spends most of its time in a protective shell. Once its hero takes fatal damage, Phoenix will hatch an angry attack inferno granting that hero temporary invulnerability before returning back to its eggshell.

Diggy: diggy is pretty shy so he tries to stay underground for as long as possible to avoid being targeted by enemy defenses.

Town Hall 15 Recall Spell 

This spell allows you to remove troops from battle to your deployment bar so you can redeploy them later with the same HP as when they were recalled. This spell change strategies in Clash of Clan attacks.

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Town Hall 15 Base Defenses 

Monolith is the ultimate tank killer. Although it can deal a base level of damages, it will do a bonus percentage too.

The Spell Tower allows you to equip any three spells such as the Rage spell, Poison spell, or Invisibility spell. The effects of the Rage and Poison spells will benefit your troops and buildings while the Poison spell will negatively affect enemies.

With that said, enjoy the new town hall 15 and protect your village. I’ll see you in the next article.