Cliff Pokemon Go Best Counters July 2023

Cliff is one of the hardest team Go Rocket leaders to beat in Pokemon Go. He has a wide variety of Pokémon at his disposal, and he can be tough to predict. Beating this leader will have some great rewards and you will get a Shadow Larvitar after victory.

In this article, we will walk you through the best Pokemon to have in your team for each of Cliff’s choices in the three waves and the best moves to use for each. Be sure to read through.

Cliff’s Lineup July 2023

Cliff’s lineup in July 2023 is a tough one for Pokemon Go trainers around the world. His first choice is guaranteed to be Shadow Larvitar after which he will remain with two other selections from a team of six other shadow Pokemon.

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Here is his lineup for July 2023.

Pokemon #1Shadow AerodactylShadow Aerodactyl
Pokemon #2Shadow Slowking, Shadow Gallade, or Shadow Cradily.Shadow Cradily Shadow Gallade Shadow Slowking
Pokemon #3Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Mamoswine, or Shadow Dusknoir.Shadow Dusknoir Shadow Mamoswine Shadow Tyranitar

Pokemon #1

As stated earlier, Cliff’s first selection will always be Shadow Aerodactyl.

Shadow Aerodactyl Best Counters

In Pokémon GO, Shadow Aerodactyl is a Rock and Flying type Pokémon. It has a maximum CP of 3147 with the following stats: 221 ATK, 159 DEF, and 190 STA.

PokemonFast Move Charge Move
Kyogre (Primal)WaterfallOrigin Pulse
SwampertWater GunHydro Cannon
ExcadrillMetal ClawDrill Run
TyranitarBiteBrutal Swing
KinglerMetal ClawCrabhammer
RaikouThunder ShockWild Charge

Pokemon #2

Cliff’s next choice will be either Shadow Slowking / Shadow Gallade / Shadow Cradily. We will give you the best counters for every of the above since his choice isn’t certain.

Shadow Slowking Best Counters

In Pokémon GO, Shadow Slowking is a Water and Psychic type Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, it has a maximum CP of 2877 with the following stats: 177 ATK, 180 DEF, and 216 STA.

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PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves ( Charge)
PheromosaBug BiteFocus Blast
XurkitreeThunder ShockDischarge
KartanaRazor LeafLeaf Blade
GengarLickShadow Ball
Groudon (Primal)Dragon TailPrecipice Blades
VolcaronaBug BiteOverheat

Shadow Gallade Counters

Sceptile is a Grass type Pokemon which is weak to Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison-type moves. Its resistance are Electric, Ground, Water and Grass-type attacks.

PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves (Charge)
GengarLickShadow Ball
Giratina (Origin Forme)Dragon TailShadow Force
XurkitreeThunder ShockDischarge
HonchkrowPeckSky Attack

Shadow Cradily Counters

Shadow Cradily is a Rock & Roll artist. In Pokémon GO, grass-type Pokémon exist. In Pokémon GO, it has a maximum CP of 2499 with the following stats: 152 ATK, 194 DEF, and 200 STA.

PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves (Charge)
PheromosaBug BiteFocus Blast
XurkitreeThunder ShockDischarge
LucarioCounterAura Sphere
DarmanitanFire FangOverheat
TerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
BreloomCounterDynamic Punch

Pokemon #3

Cliff’s last choice will be either any of the following Pokemon’s Shadow Tyranitar, Shadow Mamoswine, or Shadow Dusknoir.

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Shadow Tyranitar Counters

In Pokémon GO, Shadow Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, it has a maximum CP of 4335 with the following stats: 251 ATK, 207 DEF, and 225 STA.

PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves (Charge)
TerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
XurkitreeThunder ShockDischarge
KeldeoLow KickSacred Sword
LucarioCounterAura Sphere
RhyperiorSmack DownRock Wrecker
MagnezoneSparkWild Charge

Shadow Mamoswine Counters

In Pokémon GO, Shadow Mamoswine is an Ice and Ground type Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, it has a maximum CP of 3763 with the following stats: 247 ATK, 146 DEF, and 242 STA.

PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves (Charge)
TerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
Kyogre (Primal)WaterfallOrigin Pulse
KartanaRazor LeafLeaf Blade
VenusaurVine WhipSolar Beam
BreloomBullet SeedGrass Knot
RoseradeBullet SeedSolar Beam

Shadow Dusknoir Counters

In Pokémon GO, Shadow Dusknoir is a Ghost type Pokémon. In Pokémon GO, it has a maximum CP of 2700 and the following stats: 180 ATK, 254 DEF, and 128 STA.

PokemonMoves (Fast)Moves (Charge)
BreloomPoison JabZap Cannon
ChandelureFire SpinShadow Ball
DarkraiFeint AttackShadow Ball
KartanaRazor LeafLeaf Blade
MachampCounterDynamic Punch
GengarLickShadow Ball

Best team to defeat Cliff Rocket Leader in Pokemon Go

One of the best teams to use to defeat Cliff include Tyranitar, Magnezone and Torterra.

Tyranitar is an excellent choice against Skarmory, Kingdra and Gyarados due to him being a superior Dark and Rock-type Pokemon. The best charge moves to use include Stone Edge and Crunch moves.

Torterra is a good choice against Larvitar and Swampert as they are weak to grass-type moves and Torterra’s fast-charging moves will do a great deal of damage to the rest of Cliff’s team.

Magnezone is a great choice for Kingdra, Skarmory and Gyarados. He is an essential member of your team you do not want to miss.

Congratulations for making it till the end! Be sure to check out our other guides on how to defeat other Team Rocket Leaders.