All New Reported Debuts For Pokemon Go Season 12: Paldea

Speculated to be titled ‘Adventures Abound’, Pokemon Go Season 12 is confirmed to venture into the world of Paldea. Over 10 new Pokdex entries belonging to creatures popularised by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could be seen in the AR-based game. The introduction of Generation 9 is expected to have massive implications in Go Leagues which currently comprise stagnant metas.

According to data miners, Pokemon Go Season 12 will have a branched research quest on Paldean starter Pokemon, the arrival of two Paldean legendaries, and the return of a Master Ball quest. The branched research featuring Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco will let players choose one starter and complete four Steps to unlock multiple rewards.

Koraidon and Miraidon are expected to debut in Pokemon Go Season 12.

Pokemon Go Season 12: New alleged Paldean Pokemon coming in September

Although trainers can choose only one Pokemon between Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco, community events could give them the two non-selected to fill their Pokedex. Unlocking them may not require bypassing a paywall. However, Koraidon and Miraidon could be the rewards for paid Special Research.

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There will also be 104 new Pokemon intorudced to the game in the next Season. Here is each new Pokemon reported to appear in Season 12.

Unique Pokemon from Gen 9

  • Sprigatito: Grass-type Pokemon.
  • Quaxly: Water-type Pokemon.
  • Fuecoco: Fire-type Pokemon.
  • Oinkologne (Male): Normal.
  • Hero Form Palafin: Water-type Pokemon.
  • White Plumage Squakabilly: Normal- and Flying-type Pokemon.
  • Stretchy Form Tatsugiri: Dragon- and Water-type Pokemon.
  • Frigibax: Dragon- and Ice-type Pokemon.


  • Koraidon: Fighting and Dragon-type Pokemon.
  • Miraidon: Electric and Dragon-type Pokemon.

New Forms

  • Iron Treads: Ground- and Steel-type Pokemon that resembles Donphan.
  • Iron Jugulis: Dark- and Flying-type Pokemon that is an offspring of Hydreigon.
  • Iron Bundle: Ice- and Water-type Pokemon.
  • Iron Hands: Fighting- and Electric-type Pokemon that resembles Hariyama.
  • Iron Moth: Fire- and Poison-type Pokemon that resembles Volcarona.
  • Iron Thorns: Rock- and Electric-type resembling Tyranitar.
  • Iron Valiant: Fairy- and Fighting-type that resembles Gardevoir.
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Good news for Indian fans! As per the data mine, Hindi text will also be avaliable in Pokemon Go in the next Season.