Councillor Takuto Maruki: Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide

Takuto Maruki, the charming, nerdy, and kind-hearted guy, is one of the new characters in Persona 5 Royal. Following the events of the Kamoshida tragedy, Shujin Academy hires a guidance counselor to assist students in working through their trauma and navigating their mental health issues. Here’s how to max out of his Confidant.


2Detox XWhen Joker is inflicted with an ailment, he may recover immediately.
3FlowChance to receive the effects of Charge and Concentrate at the start of battle.
5MindfulnessChance to restore Joker’s SP when it is low.
7Flow BoostRaises the chance of Flow succeeding.
9Detox DXRaises the chance of Detox X succeeding.

Rank 2

Response 1Didn’t have much choice. +0We made a deal. +2I’m a little nervous. +2
Response 2It’s in the past. +0I’m doing okay now. +0So much for privacy. +0
Response 3But it sounds right. +3Yep. +2Kinda creeping me out here. +0
Response 4So… what? +0I’ll need more details. +0Uh… +0
Response 5Well, okay. +2Better make it worth it. +0Why me, though? +0

Rank 3

Response 1So they have, huh? +2You worry too much. +0Thanks to you, probably. +2
Response 2Of course. +2Yeah, for our deal. +2I forgot. +0
Response 3When someone betrays me. +0When I lie. +0When I get punched. +0
Response 4That one seems necessary +2We’d be better off without it. +0It’s a seed for new loves. +2
Response 5Did that help? +2Don’t worry about it. +2
FollowupGood work over there. +2So you’re actually working? +0Getting to your research now? +0

Rank 4

Response 1Where’s this coming from? +0What are you talking about? +0
Response 2I know, right…? +3It’s not the worst. +0Talk about a reward. +2
Response 3That’d be great. +2Is that possible? +0Is that what you’re researching? +3
Response 4…… +0Are you okay? +0
Response 5That’s a grand plan. +2You’re so kind. +2
Response 6That sounds fun. +3I’m not the “free labor” type. +0Nope. +0
FollowupI’m completely fine. +2It’s part of our deal, so… +2I’m struggling, to be honest. +0

Rank 5

Response 1This looks great! +3How old do you think I am? +0I could just take cash… +2
Response 2The one-cookie container. +0The ten-cookie container. +0It was a tie. +0
Response 3I never considered that. +0They’re getting played. +2You know, you’re right. +3
Response 4My senses lied to me! +2Hey, as long as it tastes good. +2It’s a little scary.  +0
Response 5Not “truth” exactly… +0I guess so. +2I don’t know. +0
FollowupI really don’t mind. +2Come on, man. +0It was thought-provoking. +2

Rank 6

Response 1You wanted to talk? +0Another cup? +2We’ve got curry, too. +2
Response 2I can do that. +3It’s a deal. +2I’m not up for this… +0
Response 3Isn’t that enough? +0You need more than that? +0
Response 4So what CAN we do? +0It’s a hard question… +0So give up. +2
Response 5All hearts share some things. +0What if they’re connected? +0
Response 6Calm down. +0Where’s this coming from? +0Cognitive pscience? +0
FollowupCalm down. +2What’s going on? +2Heavy breathing? Pervert. +0

Rank 7

Response 1You really are dedicated. +3Are they even relevant? +3Are you a fan? +3
Response 2No idea. +3As in, removing them? +3How about you Maruki? +3
Response 3The change of heart…? +3…… +3
Response 4I have no clue. +3Sounds pretty far-fetched. +3It’s intriguing. +3

Rank 8

Response 1I’m good on cookies, thanks. +2What do you mean? +3Thanks, but I should get going. +0
Response 2Ooh, really? +3Can you afford that? +2Sorry, I prefer sushi. +2
Response 3Thanks for the food! +3Self-control much? +0This is quite the spread. +2
Response 4I’m his pupil. +2It’s complicated. +0We’ve made a deal. +3
Response 5Congratulations. +3Way to go. +3
Response 6I sure do. +3Let’s celebrate. +3
Response 7She’s a girlfriend of yours? +0Who’s Rumi? +0Should I leave you two to talk? +0
FollowupHe’s a good friend. +2Learn some independence. +0You’ll get the tab next time. +0

Rank 9

Response 1Yeah. +0Kind of. +0
Response 2Kind of sad… +3Is our deal over? +2Well… take care of yourself. +2

That’s how to max out Councillor confidant as I’ll see you in the next guide of Persona 5 Royal.

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