Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Death (Tae Takemi)

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Fighting Shadows is a risky job, so having a doctor who can offer healing items and consumables is beneficial. Fortunately, there’s a back-alley clinic a block away from Leblanc where Joker can acquire all the medication he needs from Tae Takemi, Persona 5 Royal’s Death confidant. Benefits Rank Ability Description 1 Rejuvenation Increases the selection … Read more

Priestess Makoto Niijima: Persona 5 Confidant Guide:

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Makoto initially has a negative attitude toward the Phantom Thieves, but after witnessing their actions, she changes her opinion and rapidly becomes one of Persona 5 Royal’s main protagonists. She eventually becomes one of the Joker’s confidantes and one of several possible love interests. Also Read: Persona 5 Royal Best Weapons For Each Character Benefits … Read more