CSGO Crosshair Codes (2024)

CS:GO crosshair codes are a way to quickly and easily change your crosshair settings. The online games have excellent skills, and you can copy their crosshairs in CS:GO, hoping you can reclaim their power.

In this article, I have extensively listed all the best CS:GO pro player crosshair codes. You can choose from these. And I have also given you a walkthrough on how you can import these codes.

What are the most popular Crosshair Codes for CS:GO?

While a lot of CS:GO crosshairs are pretty similar to each other, the minor differences can be dealbreakers. You can experiment and choose from these or even tweak them further to suit your liking if you need to.

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Here are some of the most popular CS:GO crosshair codes. The list has players from S1mple and ZywOo. 

CSGO Guide
CSGO Crosshair Codes

Dev1ce Crosshair Code


EliGE Crosshair Code


NiKo Crosshair Code


Pimp Crosshair Code


S1mple’s Crosshair Code


Shroud Crosshair Code


Twistzz Crosshair Code


ZywOo Crosshair Code


How to Import CS:GO Crosshair Codes

Follow these steps to be able to import the crosshair codes above in CS:GO:

  • Once in CS:GO go to the settings menu. 
  • In the settings menu, find the “Game” tab. 
  • In the game tab, open the “Crosshair” sub-tab.
  • Once there, go to the picture at the top of this tap. 
  • On the image, press the “share or import” button.
  • Here, enter any of the Crosshair codes from above.

After doing this, you can tweak the settings according to your liking. When you make a change you later don’t like; you can follow the above steps to change whatever you want. 

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You need to know everything about crosshairs in CS:GO and the best codes to use.

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