YEKINDAR Settings, Crosshair & Config for CS:GO

Mareks Galinskis, famously known as “YEKINDAR,” is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Player. He is from Latvia and is currently a player for Team Liquid. YEKINDAR has played a stand-in for Liquid in the other half of 2022. 

He was in the BLAST Premier and was a part of the finals of the ESL Pro League Season 16. YEKINDAR belongs to Latvia. YEKINDAR was born on October 4, 1999. He has 131.7k Followers. 

His fans wonder what settings he uses in CS:GO in hopes that they could play like him. If you are also one of those players, you are in the right place. In this article, I will list all the settings YEKINDAR uses in CS:GO.

yekindar csgo settings
yekindar csgo settings

YEKINDAR ’s Mouse Settings for CS:GO 

YEKINDAR uses the “ZOWIE EC2-CW” mouse. The following are all the mouse settings YEKINDAR uses in CS:GO:

  • DPI: 800
  • Sensitivity: 1.2
  • eDPI: 960
  • Zoom sensitivity: 1.00
  • Hz: 1000 
  • Windows Sensitivity: 6
  • Raw Input: 1
  • Mouse Acceleration: 0
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YEKINDAR ’s Crosshair Settings for CS:GO 

Here are all the Crosshair Settings YEKINDAR  uses for CS:GO. Just copy these and paste them on your CS:GO.

  • Cl_crosshair_drawoutline: o 
  • Cl_crosshairalpha: 255
  • Cl_crosshaircolor: 1
  • Cl_crosshaircolor_b: 144
  • Cl_crosshaircolor_g: 238
  • Cl_crosshaircolor_r: 0
  • Cl_crosshairdot: 0 
  • Cl_crosshairgap: -3
  • Cl_crosshairsize: 2
  • Cl_crosshairstyle: 4
  • Cl_crosshairthickness: 0
  • Cl_crosshair_sniper_width: 1

YEKINDAR ’s Viewmodel Settings for CS:GO 

Here are all the Viewmodel Settings YEKINDAR  uses for CS:GO. Just copy these and paste them on your CS:GO.

  • Viewmodel_fov: 60
  • Viewmodel_offset_y: 1
  • Viewmodel_offset_z: -1.5
  • Viewmodel_offset_x: 1
  • Viewmodel_presetops: 1
  • Viewmodel_shift_left_amt: 1.5
  • Viewmodel_shift_right_amt: 0.75
  • Viewmodel_recoil: 0
  • Cl_righthand: 0

YEKINDAR’s Bob Settings for CS:GO

  • Cl_bob_lower_amt: 5
  • Cl_bobamt_lat: 0.33
  • Cl_bobamt_vert:0.14
  • Cl_bobcycle: 0.98

YEKINDAR’s Launch Options

-novid -console -tickrate 128 +fps_max 999

YEKINDAR’s Video Settings for CS:GO


  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 80%
  • Scaling Mode: Native
  • Color Mode: Computer Moniter
  • Display Mode: Fullscreen 

That is all for the CS:GO settings of YEKINDAR. But remember that these settings are what YEKINDAR uses, and they might not be the best for you, so you can experiment and customize the settings according to your liking. 

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