Escape From Trakvo Customs Map: Extraction Points, Loot Spots (2022)

Escape from Trakvo Customs Map: Want to know the customs maps in Escape from Trakvo. The maps provide in EfT can be intimidating with massive information to learn to get out safely through the raid.

From getting the correct location of the enemies, best places to get loots, spawns and to extract and most importantly knowing the areas where enemies might be. It way to hard to find out when you’re playing Escape from Trakvo.

This easy to understand user guide will help you to understand the earliest maps you’ll will encounter first in this amazing battle FPS game.

Extraction Points, Loot Spots, Spawns:

When you double-tap on the O key which displays the extraction options which you’ll be faced with a list of potential existing points in this FPS game. These points help you to know where each one is so you don’t stray on the map busiest areas. Such as Scav spawn, or possibly the boss, Reshala.

To get always from such diester along with improving your map reading skills. We have gathered some guides to the Trakvo Customs Map including all the extraction points, the best place for loots, spawns, the boss spawns and key locations.

Customs Map Spawns