Escape From Tarkov: All Extraction Points in Customs Map

Making a way out from the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov is not a joke, especially for beginners. But if you know the correct extraction point well then you can easily get out from the customs without having much hassle and complete the given quest.

Here we cover all the extraction points in the Customs map for the PMCs and Scavs on the map that shown below.

There are more than 20 extraction points in the Customs Map of Escape from Tarkov and the location of all the points can be useful for you. Here in this article, we have highlighted all the important extraction points that you can use in the Customs Map without having a hassle.

Extraction Points For SCAV and PMC in Customs Map

Escape From Trakvo Customs Map
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No Condition Extraction Points

The below-given extraction points in the Customs Map have no conditions.

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CrossroadsRailroad to PortTrailer ParkTrailer Park Worker’s Shack
Sniper RoadblockWarehouse 17Factory ShacksRoad to Military Base
Passage Between RocksMilitary Base CPSCAV CheckpointAdmin Gate
ZB-1011Factory Far CornerWarehouse 4Railroad to Tarkov

Extraction Points With Conditions

The below-given extraction points in Customs Map have conditions you need to follow.

Smuggler’s BoatThe campfire needs to be lit.
Old Gas StationOnly open if a green flare is lit. Lots of green smoke will be visible.
Dorms V-EXRequires 7,000 Roubles and only four PMC players can use it.
ZB-1012Only open if a light is on inside.
ZB-1013Requires activating a lever in Warehouse 4 and a Factory key.
RUAF RoadblockOnly open if a floodlight is on.

What are the Dangerous Areas on Customs Map?

Mainly the Dorms are one of the dangerous areas in the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map.

Because this area has lots of locked rooms that required Dorms keys to unlock and where you can get lots of loot drops. That is why more of the players in the game visit to the Dorms in order to get loot and action.

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Moreover, any area that is wide open on this map is harmful to the player. So you need to avoid travelling alongside the road and wide open areas such as Shipping yards and Warehouses.

Final Words

Hopefully, you find this short guide helpful in order to know all the extraction points for Spwan and PMC in the Escape from Tarkov Customs Map for more articles read out Escape from Tarkov Guides.