Escape from Tarkov: Bullshit Quest Guide

Bullshit is another quest in Escape from Tarkov. You may pick up the quest at Skier, and it gives you instructions on how to complete a series of tasks without harming even one Scav.

We will advise you to engage a friend right away because it’s not something you can do alone and he can cope with any unexpected Scavs.

Bullshit Quest Objectives

In order to complete the Bullshit quest in Escape from Tarkov you need to obtain three items and hide in a certain location. Following are the items that you need to obtain in this quest.

  1. Fake Flash Drive
  2. SV-98 sniper rifle
  3. Roler Submariner Gold Watch

You must obtain the Fake flash drive containing fictitious information before continuing your journey to the three-story dorms at Customs map.

On the major bridge, which is situated on the eastern side of the map, you can find it in the boot of a red burnt-out car. With the fake flash drive, you can remove and insert it into another raid.

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location of fake flash drive bullshit quest
image credit to Piranha

Obtain the SV-98 sniper rifle from Prapor and then you need to hide in the trash at a certain location in the building.

SV 98 sniper rifle in bullshit quest
image credit to Piranha

The Roler Submariner Gold Watch is the third item that you need to hide on that building.

Roler Submariner gold watch bullshit quest
image credit to Piranha

Once you have obtained all three items you need to hide them near the building of the old road gate. Below mentioned the location of the building with a screenshot.

location to hide items in bullshit quest
image credit to Piranha

As we mentioned, this Tarkov mission can be completed alone, however, it is recommended that you have a companion.

Just cross your fingers that there aren’t any Scavs in the dorms because shooting one would end the mission, forcing you to restart it manually. Let’s look at where you must go and how to get there:

  • Before you stand in the Customs line, pick up an SV-98 and a Rolex Submariner Golden watch.
  • Go to the Customs Bridge.
  • Take the BULLSHIT fake USB out of the red car’s boot.
  • Then proceed to the third floor of the three-story dormitory.
  • Deliver the goods to the hall’s garbage can.
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Reward For Completing The Bullshit Quest

  • +29,900 XP
  • ~130,000 Roubles
  • Unlocks the purchase of 12/70 RIP 5 pcs. ammo box from Skier LL3
  • +0.07 reputation with Skier
  • Unknown Reward (1000 Dollars)
  • Unlocks the purchase of CMMG Mk47 Mutant 7.62×39 assault rifle from Skier LL4.

While many players tend to rush into incursions to begin looting, some would rather concentrate on doing their responsibilities as soon as possible.

The fundamental justification for this is that tarkov quests let players advance through the trader levels more quickly, giving them access to better armor, weapons, and ammunition. Gamers have an advantage over folks who are still using inferior equipment in this case.

Tips for the quest

This mission works better at night because Scavs find you more easily then. To prevent losing it if you pass away, be sure to place the gold Roler Submariner wristwatch in your safe container.

The fact that you will be seen the entire time you place the goods and that your buddies can kill Scavs. When you are prepared, proceed to the three-story dorms and ascend to the third floor.

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This is sum up for Bullshit quest guide for more related guides such as nostalgia quest or seaside vacation quest and more do refer to our Escape from Tarkov guides.