10 Cute Roblox Avatars Girls Outfit

These are some of the popular Cute Roblox Avatars for Girls in Roblox. Whether you are looking to get cute, or simply trying out a new gameplay experience, these best girl costumes for avatars from the Roblox Avatar Shop will help. Make sure to know how to create a Roblox character in order for these outfits to work.

The Roblox Character Editor allows you to build up custom clothing ideas and customize in-game content. A couple of picks for a more casual, relaxed look for your Roblox avatar. If you are looking for some uniquely aesthetic women’s clothing for Roblox, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we are going to lay out outfits that make for the best-looking cutesy girls’ avatars on Roblox, as well as what they cost.

cute roblox avatars
cute roblox avatars

List of Best Cute Roblox Girl Outfits

Teen in Red

We’ll start out simply with an exciting costume made up of red and black clothing. Your character appears to be a carefree teen wearing these. In keeping with the overall motif of the costume, they also sport a fan sign on their backs. So this character attire was created for you if you want to go to a Roblox concert.

Royal in Pink

The next character feels like they are leaving their opulent villa and going for a stroll. They readily blend in at any upscale party because to their pink attire and Gucci accessories, which are both significant symbols of wealth. Not to mention, it’s simple to incorporate their style into your current outfit. Just be careful not to alter the peculiar smile on their face.

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Sleepy Fairy

This fairy offers you various magical options to attempt if you want to change your outfit from casual apparel. They have an all-pink outfit that even has a distinctive hairdo.

The clothing also has a huge blue-pink magical shaft that can serve as your power source to further emphasize the fairy theme. The eyeglasses that resemble eye coverings and the “zzz” sins on the fairy’s head are both highly audible indicators of sleepiness.

City Life Woman

If changing your attire alone isn’t enough, you can also get rid of your typical Roblox figure and level up as a city girl. This look has a slim figure, trendy accessories, and cowboy boots that go with the contrasted hairstyle.

The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen

Our next best Roblox character female costume shouldn’t overwhelm you. It can appear difficult to assemble, yet it comes in a bundle that you can equip with only one click.

The pirate queen wears a nearly royal attire that includes a long coat that is set with jewels and a headgear that resembles a crown. The rest of the ensemble exudes strength and a spirit of exploration. So, if you want to rule the patriarchal oceans, this is the appearance to do it in.

Casual Adidas

If you are a student, our upcoming wardrobe will make you feel completely at home. It features a cute student-like creature with an attractive beanie hiding a trendy hairdo.

The blue Adidas sweatshirt worn by this character, along with the black and white bottoms, readily completes the ensemble. You can even dress yourself up together with your Roblox avatar thanks to the use of common real-world components.

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One of the most well-known Roblox characters ever is Cindy. It is a member of the popular official Roblox cast of characters. Simply install the bundle to add Cindy to your selection of avatars. When you do, Cindy will greet you with her eccentric glasses, stylish blazer, and generally domineering demeanour. Ideal for any spontaneous adventure.

Office Look

The next-best Roblox character clothing we have is for an office worker in the present. They are dressed elegantly in a business goat that complements their slacks. The persona is finished off with a ponytail and complementary accessories. It’s possible that many people all over the world wear similar attire for work. So this clothing is appropriate for an office environment.

Scientist in White

The next woman on our list proudly dons a regal lab coat while coming up with innovative methods to enhance the Roblox realms. Additionally, they work together. This outfit also includes a flying lab rat that only indicates the type of studies our scientist is conducting outside of the main costume.


Serena is the greatest choice if you want a dependable girl avatar but don’t want to go too far with customizing. They are one of many unique Roblox Avatars that provide a free base avatar. Later, all you have to do is add your own modification options to Serena’s personality to further develop it.


The costumes for Roblox character girls don’t have to be limited to adorable or teen themes. The Blazeburner is evidence of this. It has a superhero-like persona from a sci-fi future. This costume also has metal wings, horns that resemble weapons, and an arc reactor that resembles Iron Man.

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Your appearance is transformed into a future cyborg with robotic limbs, a distinctive hairdo, and an out-of-date attire when you put on your next character suit. With this on, you can make a statement among any group of girls, whether it is due to fantasy or simply modern fashion.

Beatrix the Bee Cadet

Beatrix is a small bee in the Roblox universe who puts in a lot of effort but is reserved by nature. They have adorable bee wings and horns, and their black uniforms have a Pixar-esque quality about them.

Not only is Beatrix’s clothing adorable, but it also has outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. Given these characteristics, it should come as no surprise that this outfit also took first place in the 2019 Rthro Design Contest.

Octavia, The Ivory Spider-Girl

So that people like us don’t have to worry, Octavia just eats bugs, so stop running away. However, I still advise against looking directly into any of her eyes.

Instead, pay attention to the primary ensemble, which comprises of a straightforward dark dress covered in a web that goes with the woman’s greyish hair wrapped in an odd bow.

Skater Gurl

The Skater Gurl enjoys skating and is also quite skilled at it, as the name suggests. Everything in this costume is intended for skating, including the knee pads and SKS cap. Therefore, whether you skate in real life or not, you must wear the Skater Gurl character gear when you do so on Roblox.

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