How To Catch Golisopod in Pokemon Go

You cannot directly catch the Golisopod. You first have to find the Wimpod. After that, you can evolve Wimpod into Golisopod. Golisopod is a bug/water type of Pokemon. Wimpod was introduced in the game during Season of Go in Pokemon Go.

Golispod Pokemon looks like Snail with four pairs of hands with a kind of grey and purple body. Where the snail part of hands, two large hands are capable of penetrating through the enemies. It’s a kind of silent Pokemon that does not react much to anything but when it comes to battle his attacks start to speak.

So here in this guide, we are discussing where to find Wimpod and How to get Golisopod Pokemon Go. further we will discuss its moves, strengths, weakness, and some strengths.

Where To Find Wimpod in Pokemon Go?

Wimpod made his debut in Pokemon Go during the Pokemon Go TCG Crossover Event. On 16th June 2022. After Wimpod’s debut, you could catch Wimpod in the wild. However, in the event, you had a chance to capture Wimpod in the one-star raid and through research tasks.

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But as of now, you can only capture them in the wild. In the wild, you should first try the Mossy or Rainy Lure Modules to catch it in your path. Aso you can use incense and lure modules to attract modules. But you must take a break at every Pokestop to attract the WImpod.

How To Evolve Wimpod into Golisopod?

Golisopod Pokemon Go

After getting WImpod, you need to cross Level 30 and also need to collect a massive amount of candies for evolution. To evolve WImpod into Golisopod you will need around 400 candies.

Yeah, you read true, and it was worth it. Golisopod is stronger than Araqunnid so it is common to add in your Pokedex. Golisopod won’t surrender to the enemy and fight till wins the king of Pokemon.

What Type is Golisopod Pokemon?

Golisopod is a bug and water type of Pokemon and you need to evolve the Wimpod to get the Golisopod. You will need 400 candies to evolve Wimpod into Golisopod and it is possible at level 30.

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Golisopod is strong against Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Ice. Golisopod is weak against Flying, Electric, and Rock


  • Hp: 75
  • Defence: 140
  • Attack: 125
  • Speed: 40
  • Special Attack: 60
  • Special Defence: 90

Final Thoughts

First Find WImpod Evolve Into Golisopod, learn stats, strengths, and weaknesses, and train now you are good to go on battles and raids.

This os all for how to get Golisopod in Pokemon Go. Here at Gameinstants, we cover video game guides that help lots of gamers and hopefully, this guide also come in handy for you. To check more related guides do refer to our Pokemon Go guides section.