Dark and Darker: How To Get Heart Candy

Get ready to discover the amazing ways to get your hands on the magical Heart Candy! This special treat can power up your character, making quests a piece of cake and enemies shake in their boots.

Now, let’s set off on this exciting adventure together and unlock the secrets of obtaining this delicious item. Are you all pumped up? Let’s dive in and explore the wonders that await us!

Dark and Darker that can be used to increase your character’s stats. It can be found in a variety of ways, including.

Purchasing from Merchant Valentine

heart candy dark and darker
Merchant Valentine in Dark and Darker

Keep an eye out for the friendly Merchant Valentine while exploring the world. When you find him, don’t hesitate to treat yourself by purchasing some sweet Heart Candy for just 50 Gold Coins each!

Opening Heart Candy Chests

As you venture through the enchanting lands of Dark and Darker, you’ll stumble upon Heart Candy Chests scattered all around. Pop them open and reveal a magical surprise – you could find anywhere from 1 to 10 pieces of Heart Candy!

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Completing Quests

Embrace your adventurous spirit and take on thrilling quests in the world. Some of these quests come with an amazing reward – yes, you guessed it – Heart Candy!

Killing Enemies

 Prepare yourself for epic battles with enemies lurking in Dark and Darker. As you conquer these foes, some of them might drop Heart Candy as a sweet bonus.


By following the tips shared above, you’ll be well on your way to amassing a treasure trove of Heart Candy in Dark and Darker, boosting your character’s power to new heights. With Cincreased stats, completing quests and defeating enemies will become a piece of cake!