Dark and Darker How to Trade

Dark and Darker is an early-access game that has gone through many Alpha testing in recent months, all of which have been well-received by gamers.

While there are standard treasure extraction procedures in the game, there are also more complex systems that enable users to sell particular goods to other players. This Trade area is accessible from the main menu when some time has passed.

To become a trader, you must first establish your worth in the dungeon before the game will grant you entry to the new area. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about trading in Dark and Darker.

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How can you trade items in Dark and Darker? 

dark and darker trading master
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To begin trading, go to the Trade area of the main lobby and scroll down. Click “Become a Trader” to interact with various marketplaces based on what different people are seeking for. To join the Traders’ Guild, you must have the following account requirements:

  • Minimum character level of five
  • 25 Gold for the Initiation Fee
  • A tax of 15 Gold for every trade
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There is also a spot for monthly dues, however, this is not presently applicable because the Alpha playtest is just seven days long. If you meet these conditions, you can become a Trader for as long as you follow the restrictions outlined above.

When you enter a trading area, you may list products and buy from others as their entries scroll by on the left side of the screen in a chat box-like interface. The screen is constantly shifting, so you’ll need to be competitive to get your submissions recognized.

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Can You Trade With Your Own Character?

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange goods between your own characters. This may be rather annoying since it means that your Barbarian may find a wonderful item for the Wizard class, but you will be unable to offer it to your Wizard.

That’s how to trade in Dark and Darker as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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