All New Dead by Daylight Codes (2024)

Dead by Daylight is an amazing horror game in which players become famous horror movie monsters. In this game, the Bloodpoints is the currency that players can use in order to buy items, weapons, abilities and more stuff.

So in order to get new items in Dead by Daylight, you need a large number of blood points that need to earn or use the dead by daylight promo codes in to get them as a reward for free. Here in this article, we regularly update the newly dead by daylight codes for you.

You can bookmark this page, to get the latest codes on time without having a hassle.

Dead by Daylight (2023)

  • BILIBILI300K – 300k Blood Points
  • NICE – 9 Bloodpoints
  • PRIDE2022 – Redeem for the updated Pride Charm for 2022
  • CAWCAW – Redeem for the Feathers of Pride charm
  • Login Today to get 50K Blood Points
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Xbox Working DBD Codes

  • 6PQ9G-HR9G6-HY179-3MQJ9-TRV7Z (400k Bloodpoints)
  • 505da109-37d3-47b3-9ede-53e8511847a1 (400k Bloodpoints)
  • 42080e2c-6952-43c9-b502-792b5c4c33bc (400k Bloodpoints)
  • 54ebabd7-545d-4e9e-88ca-752c5dfe67fb (400k Bloodpoints)
  • e2c51e29-52ce-463f-9ef0-1b4afbcde61e (400k Bloodpoints)
  • W99FV-WJY99-Y22C7-WXT6M-W62TZ (400k Bloodpoints)

How To Redeem Code in Dead By Daylight?

Here, you can learn how to redeem code on DBD. Moreover, mentioned below is a step-by-step. Hence you can easily understand this.

  1. Firstly, log into the dead by daylight game and go to the menu
  2. Go to the Store Menu using the main menu option
  3. You’ll see the Redeem Code button at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Tap on the button that will open the Text Box.
  5. Copy one code from the list and paste it. After that click on the button to claim it.

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