Destiny 2: How to get Wicked Implement Catalyst?

Destiny introduced another powerful weapon, a scout rifle, in Destiny 2. This weapon aids in slowing down the target after they have landed a precise shot. It also comes with a catalyst which makes it even better. 

Fans have been getting excited for some time now as there were rumors of an exotic weapon to be launched in the game. Now that it’s finally here, we cant wait to unlock it and use the weapon.

Stay tuned and keep reading the article below, as I will give you all the information on implementing the catalyst in Destiny 2.

What does the Wicked Implement Catalyst do?

wicked implement catalyst destiny 2
Image via eurogamer

Many weapons, such as the Witherhoard, work in a way that their catalyst needs to function properly.

This Wicked Implement scout rifle does not fall into this list. The exotic catalyst of wicked implement fills your magazine to maximum quantity bringing it closer to quality of life push rather than a game-changing weapon.

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When this catalyst is equipped, the stasis shard lets your weapon reload gradually and overflow the magazine with each stasis shard that players have collected, adding five rounds to the magazine.

For DPS, this catalyst may not come too handy, but for defeating your enemies, it helps to Wicked Implement freeze enemies. This catalyst will be very useful if a player tries to freeze multiple enemies at once.

How to get Wicked Implement catalyst in the game?

Once you are finished Tier 7 Deep Dive, This wicked implement catalyst will become available to you. After you complete your full run of deep dives, the Tier 7 mission gets completed after you clear all the challenges successfully.

Remember that this task is a little difficult, and it is suggested that players take the help of either LFG tools or pair up with friends to complete the mission.