Destiny 2 Lightfall: All Neomuna Action Figure Locations

With the release of Destiny 2 Nightfall expansion, new content was added to the game. This included new exotics, a new campaign, and others. They are unique triumphs.

Are you looking for all the locations of the Neomuna Action Figures? Do not worry; I have created a perfect guide to get to all the places and how you can get all these nine figures in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Neomuna Action Figure 1 – Ahimasa Park (Week 1)

You will find this in the Ahimsa Park area. 

  • Enter the park from the “Striders Gate.”
  • Then look up and see a large building with a rounded roof.
  • Enter the building by jumping in from the balcony.
  • Inside you will find a set of stairs with a small drop beneath them nested into a rock.
  • Crawl under the stairs and find the first Neomuna action figure there.

Neomuna Action Figure 2 – Irkalla Complex (Week 1)

You will find the second Neomuna action figure in the Irkalla Complex.

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  • To get there, first, go to the Zephyr Concourse.
  • Then head west to get to the Esi Terminal.
  • Now from there, turn left and go towards the open door on the right.
  • you have to go through a portal that will take you to the Irkalla complex.
  • Now go through the hole Blown Open in the wall and turn left.
  • Climb the wall and jump on the three cannons on the wall, and you will see a pyramid fragment far in the sky.
  • Shoot each fragment.
  • The action figure will spawn at the end of the cannon you’re standing on. 

Neomuna Action Figure 3 – Zephyr Concourse Juice bar (Week 2)

The third one is found in the Zephyr Concourse.

  • Start by heading towards from the strides Gate.
  • Afterward, head left, and you will arrive at a small bar with a datapad on the counter.
  • Activate the datapad to draw in several patrons.
  • Cabal enemies will appear, which you have to defeat.
  • After you defeat enough enemies, the Neomuna action figure will spawn on the bar.

Neomuna Action Figure 4 – Maya’s Retreat (Week 2)

The fourth figure is found in Maya’s Retreat.

  • Spawn into the Liming Harbor to get to Maya’s retreat.
  • Now head east through the canyon.
  • Keep going until you reach the large bridge.
  • From the bridge, turn left.
  • You will find two braziers.
  • Interact with the braziers until they light, and then return to the bridge.
  • Now climb towards the large cave.
  • There are vexing enemies that you will have to fight.
  • Once you defeat them, you will find the final brazier in the back.
  • Activate this, and the fourth Neomuna action figure will appear.
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Nomuna Action Figure 5 – Esi Terminal (week 3)

The fifth action figure is located at the Esi Terminal.

  • Go to the Zephyr Concourse. 
  • Take the western exit.
  • Once you arrive, take a left and then a right down the slope.
  • At the bottom of the slot, take a left, and you will enter a bar.
  • Cross that bar and find a sink.
  • Interacting with the sink will create dark blooms around the area.
  • Now go and grab the bloom.
  • After you catch them, dunk them into the highlighted sink.
  • Avoid the cabal’s enemies.
  • Once you’re done, the fifth action figure will appear in the sink.

Neomuna Action Figure 6 – Liming Harbor (week 3)

The sixth action figure can be found in Liming Harbor.

  • Start from the fast travel point and head straight.
  • Then take a left under the docked ship.
  • You will see a large desk in the structure in front of you 
  • Interact with it and vexing enemies will start spawning.
  • Defeat them without leaving the desk.
  • And once you’re done, the action figure will appear.

Neomuna Action Figure 7 – Typhon Imperator (week 4)

The seventh action figure is found at the end of Typhon Imperator.

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  • Start from the Ahimsa Park 
  • Then enter the Typhon Imperator. 
  • Now proceed through the portal
  • From here, you will end up in the arena of the Light Fall campaign.
  • You will find a small beacon on a shelf on your right.
  • Activate it, and a bunch of Vex cubes will spawn, which you must collect.
  • So it is fast, so the Seventh action figure will spawn.

Neomuna Action Figure 8 – Radiosonde (week 4)

The eighth action figure is found in the Radiosonde.

  • Start fast traveling with Liming Harbor, then go to the end of the Radiosonde area.
  • You will reach a room with pipes on the roof that have nanofluids in them.
  • Activate the terminal in the middle of it, and a puzzle will begin.
  • You’ll see eight circular plates with bars at their ends behind you.
  • Lines with flash will appear 
  • Count them and shoot the plates according to the lines.
  • Once you’re done, the figure will spawn.

Neomuna Action Figure 9 – Striders’ Gate arcade machine (week 4)

To find the last action figure, you have to go to the room where you placed the figures after collecting them.

  • Interact with one of the arcade machines.
  • Which will enter you into a triangular shooting target and give you more time. 
  • Return to the room and collect the action figure and place it in its location.

Screenshots Credit: This Week In Video Games (YouTube) / Bungie