How to get Bilbrin Wood in Lost Ark

There are lots of items and materials that you need to collect in Lost Ark for different purposes. Bilbrin Wood is one of the materials that you can use to upgrade your ship in Lost Ark. However you can farm Bilbrin wood in the game in forests and other locations.

If you struggling to get the Bilbrin Wood or Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark then don’t worry. Here we featured a guide that covers complete information on where you can get the Blilbrin wood without having a hassle.

Bilbrin Wood Location
Where To Find Bilbrin Wood

Where To Find The Bilbrin Wood In Lost Ark

You need to approach the Rohendel continent in order to get the Bilbrin Wood after that you need to ahead to Lake Shiverware. Go near the dock area where you will find  Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel or the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel. Both are the travelling merchants in Lost Ark and you can exchange Bilbrin Wood with them.

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how to get bilbrin wood lost ark
Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark

To get the Bilbrin Wood you need to spend the 25 Spectrum Coins (pirate currency) that you can collect by exploring and completing tasks in the Roundel.

What are  Spectrum’s Coins in Lost ark
Spectrum’s Coins

More importantly, if you don’t find any vessel on the dock you need to visit again in 10 minutes. Because both are travelling merchants you need to revisit the location after some time and you will find it near the dock of Lake Shiverware.

Watch this YouTube Video created by Beu based on the location of Bilbrin Timber on Lost Ark

This is the end of the Bilbrin wood location guide for more helpful content such as where to find 500-Year-Old Mera Wine and more do check our Lost Ark Guide section.

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