Destiny 2: Scorn Farming Locations

A group of undead Fallen called the Scorn was formed by Darkness-tainted Ether. They were once commanded by Fikrul, the Fanatic, and Uldren Sov, who planned a significant breakout from the Prison of Elders and killed Cayde-6.

A large portion of the Reef and the Dreaming City was terrorized by them. Additionally, they have exploited Witness and its adherents as pawns in their battles with the Guardians and the Hive God Savathûn.

Our guide below covers how and where to find Scorn in Destiny 2. The Dreaming City and the Tangled Shore are the two locations where the Scorn can be discovered.

Scorn Destiny 2
scorn farming destiny 2

Dreaming City

Although Dreaming City is mainly a Taken stronghold, the Bay of Drowned Wishes consists of quite a few Scorns. If you wish to track them successfully, keep an eye out for the dark blue traces they leave behind.  

There are the Divalian Mists nearby, where Guardians are expelled on their way to the Dreaming City. This is the place to find the most Scorn but the respawn frequency in this area is relatively low, so if you plan on making re-rounds you must be patient.

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Tangled Shore

In the Tangled Shore, head over to the location called Kingship Dock. Orient yourself towards Thieves’ Landing and head straight north to get here. We predict you’ll rack up your kill count faster than you would in the Dreaming City since you’ll come across a whole bunch of Scorn to fire shots into to your heart’s content.

The Presage quest can be completed at the Tangled Shore as well. There are numerous Powerful Scorn to eliminate in this mission but it can take some time before you begin discovering them.

In addition to a broad variety of distinct enemy races, Destiny 2 also features sub-races that are very different from their predecessors. The Scorn is one such Fallen sub-race among a lot more. Check out our website for more Destiny 2 guides!