All Ashika Island DMZ Rewards and Weapon Case Guide

If you’re playing Call of Duty: Mobile and you find yourself on Ashika Island, there are several enticing rewards waiting for you within the weapon cases. Unlocking these rewards can enhance your gaming experience and add a touch of uniqueness to your character.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining all the weapons case rewards on Ashika Island.

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The weapon cases on Ashika Island contain the following rewards:

Aces – Emblem: Showcase your expertise with the Aces emblem, a symbol of exceptional skill and prowess.

Backup Plan – P980 Weapon Blueprint: Acquire the exclusive weapon blueprint, “Backup Plan,” for the P980, a powerful and reliable firearm.

Bear With Me – Weapon Sticker: Adorn your favorite weapon with the “Bear With Me” sticker, displaying a ferocious bear to intimidate your adversaries.

Fight Night – TAQ-56 Weapon Blueprint: Secure the TAQ-56 weapon blueprint, “Fight Night,” which grants you access to a specialized and deadly weapon variant.

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Full House – Calling Card: Flaunt your achievements with the “Full House” calling card, an emblem of your all-around excellence.

Full House – Emblem: A second emblem named “Full House” awaits those who prove their versatility and skill on the battlefield.

Triple Threat – Loading Screen: Customize your loading screen with the “Triple Threat” design, a visually striking and impressive image.

How to Access the Weapon Cases

To obtain the aforementioned rewards, you need to locate and extract seven weapon cases scattered across Ashika Island. Each case contains one of the exclusive rewards. Follow these steps to ensure a successful extraction:

Load into Ashika Island on DMZ and head to the Castle POI: Start your journey by selecting Ashika Island as your destination and locating the Castle Point of Interest (POI).

Destroy the roaming Wheelson: Prior to entering the castle, you must destroy the Wheelson, a mobile killstreak present in the area. Once destroyed, the message “Castle Access Acquired” will appear on your screen, indicating progress.

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Disable the security cameras: Before entering the castle, take note of the security cameras scattered around the exterior. Destroy them to prevent triggering a wave of Tier 3 AI enemies.

Carefully make your way upstairs: Enter the castle and proceed cautiously, being mindful of AI opponents and traps that may lie in wait.

Defeat the Bomb Maker boss: Reach the top floor of the castle and engage in a challenging battle against the Bomb Maker boss. Use your skills and weapons to overcome this formidable foe.

Disable the alarm: Look for a computer terminal and interact with it to disable the alarm system, ensuring a smoother extraction process.

Pick up the Weapon Case and exfil from Ashika Island: Finally, locate and retrieve the Weapon Case containing the desired reward. Be cautious during this step, as the case’s location will be marked on the map for all players in the lobby.


Unlocking the weapon case rewards on Ashika Island requires careful navigation, strategic combat, and defeating the Bomb Maker boss.

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By following the outlined steps, you can maximize your chances of obtaining the Aces emblem, Backup Plan weapon blueprint, Bear With Me weapon sticker, Fight Night TAQ-56 weapon blueprint, Full House calling card and emblem, and the Triple Threat loading screen.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure on Ashika Island and claim these exclusive rewards to showcase your skills and enhance your gaming experience.