Digimon Survive: How to Befriend Phoenixmon

In Digimon Survive, there are several strong flying Digimon, but Phoenixmon is possibly the finest of them all, with its unfathomable strength being only one of its many wonderful traits.

Unfortunately, the Holy Beast Digimon, like most of the other Mega Digimon in Digimon Survive, does not appear until towards the conclusion of the game. Despite its late arrival, Phoenixmon is still highly worth befriending, especially if you appreciate mobility in combat.

Recruiting it can be difficult at times, but for those who know the appropriate replies, it shouldn’t take long.

How to Befriend Phoenixmon in Digimon Survive 

Those looking to add Phoenixmon to their team will need to be much more specific. This is because most of Phoenixmon’s finest responses will only fill one section of the bar above its head, requiring three perfect answers to fill the bar halfway. With this in mind, players should exercise caution before responding.

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QuestionBest Response
Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy.Don’t kill me!
It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry.Look before you leap! (+1)Clean your own messes. (+1)
The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength.I’ll come out on top! (+1)
What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?Opening up…
By the way, why exactly are you here?Trying to get home.
What kind of human are you?A friendly human! (+1)
Are there bonds stronger than the family?There must be. (+1)Why should I answer? (+1)

Phoenixmon, said to be the ultimate form of Bird Digimon, is very powerful and enjoys testing its might in battle. It likes a good challenge and appreciates people who see the actual strength and worth of friendship.

Phoenixmon Location in Digimon Survive

digimon survive phoenixmon location
Image via gamerant

After completing Part 11 of Digimon Survive, players will encounter Phoenixmon. It might be a tough Digimon to befriend depending on their Karma, but it is well worth it because Digimon is one of the greatest Mobility-focused monsters in the game.

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When asked for an item, it will also give you a Rib Party Set, which may be quite handy for individuals who frequently run out of SP.

That’s how to befriend Phoenixmon as I’ll see you in the next guide.