WoW Dragonflight: Preservation Evoker Abilities Guide

Want to know what the Preservation Evoker Abilities are in WoW Dragonflight? Rest assured, you are in the right place. I have created a guide for you about all the Preservation Evoker Abilities that are available in WoW Dragonflight.

There are two types of Preservation Evoker Abilities in WoW Dragonflight. Preservation Evoker offensive Abilities and Preservation Evoker Healing abilities

In preserving evoker abilities, the essence is used as a certain source for certain spells, regenerating every 1–5 seconds. The rate of these essences can be sped up by certain talents. 

Preservation Evoker Offensive Abilities  In WoW Dragonflight

Here are all the Preservation Evoker Offensive Abilities in WoW Dragonflight.

Preservation Evoker
Preservation Evoker

Azure Attack Ability (Blue)

This ability will help the evoker project significant energy onto two enemies. This will cause spell-frost damage to them—72% of the spell power.

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Unravel Ability (Blue)

This will help the enemy give up their protective magic. This is a class talent. The spell frost damage will absorb the shield’s ‘9-second cooldown. 

Deep Breath Ability (Black)

This will make you take a deep breath. It spews molten cinders. It can deal four types of volcanic damage to enemies. This has a 2-minute cooldown.

DIsintegrate Ability (Blue)

This will combine three essence tears with a blast of blue magic against your enemy. This inflicts nine spell frost damage in 3 seconds. It will slow the enemy’s speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Fire Breath (Red)

This will stock your inner flame when you inhale and burn enemies in front of you when you exhale. The damage deals beyond five targets

  1. Deals with 12 damage in 4 seconds
  2. Deals with 24 damage in 8 seconds
  3. Deals with 36 damage in 12 seconds
  4. Deals with 48 damage in 16 seconds

Living Flame (Red)

This will send a flickering flame toward the enemies. Will fire damage an enemy. 

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Preservation Evoker Healing Abilities  In WoW Dragonflight

Here are all the Preservation Evoker Healing Abilities In WoW Dragonflight:

Emerald Blosson (Green)

This ability will help you consume three essences. It will grow a bulb at an ally’s location in the Emerald Dream. This can heal three injured allies in 2 seconds within 10 yards of each other.

Echo (Bronze)

This ability will consume two essences. This ability will heal an ally by wrapping them in temporal energy. It will cause your next non-Echo single target healing spell to be cast an additional time.

Reversion (Green)

This is a healing ability that will heal an ally for 36 over 12 seconds by helping reverse their injuries. This has a 9-second cooldown.

Dream Breath (Green)

This will gather the power of the Dream upon inhaling. And will heal five injured allies 30 yards from you. The cooldown is 25 seconds.

  1. Heals for 2* (185% of spell power) and incurs a 25-second cooldown.
  2. Heals for 2.25* (185% of spell power) and incurs a 20-second cooldown.
  3. Heals for 2.5* (185% of spell power) and incurs a 15-second cooldown.
  4. Heals for 2.75* (185% of spell power) and incurs a 10-second cooldown.
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Rewind (Bronze )

This will rewind 50% of the damage caused in the last five seconds to your allies within 40 yards.

Spirit bloom (green)

It will divert spiritual energy and heal all allies within 25 yards. It has a 30-second cool-down.

  • Heals one ally 
  • Heals a second ally 
  • Heals a third ally 
  • Heals a fourth ally 

Rescue (Green)

This ability will help you fly and go toward an injured ally to heal them. It has an 18-second cool-down.

Temporal Anomaly (Bronze)

This will send you towards a vortex of temporal energy, healing three injured allies within 15 yards of range for every second. Lasts 8 seconds. Has a 6-second cooldown.

Dream Flight (Green)

This will help you fly to the location of injured allies upon taking a deep breath and heal them immediately. This has a 1 minute cool down.

Stasis (Bronze)

This will cause your following three helpful spells to be doubled which you can store in a time lock. You can activate this within 30 seconds to use the spells. Has a one and a half minute cool down.