Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff Stall guide

Disney Dreamlight valley is a life simulation adventure game released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series x/s, Nintendo Switch, and Windows in September 2022 also the macOS version was released in December 2022.

The character in Disney Dreamlight valley is from Disney and Pixar. The character is cursed and they now forgot all their memories. In-game players must explore the valley and collect the resource and try magic spells. In Disney dreamlight valley, you can earn Star Coins by selling most of the items.

To do so you will need a stall. The character Kristoff’s stalls are for selling materials, Remy’s restaurant is used for food and Scrooge McDuck is used for selling furniture. Here we will discuss in brief about Kristoff’s stall guide.

Kristoff – Introduction

If you have seen the Walt Disney frozen series then you might know who is Kristoff. In Disney dreamlight valley Kristoff is a fictional character from the Walt Disney frozen franchise. Kristoff is a part of Frozen and Frozen 2.

The characters play a very important role in the adventure. When you start the game there will be only Goofy Stall. You can buy the six ingredients. So after exploring the game and completing a few quests you can unlock the Kritsoffs stall in Disney dreamlight valley.

How can I unlock the Kirtsoffs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the Kirtsoff, first, you have to complete the quest Lost In Dark Grove. From this, you can unlock the Kirtsoff as well as Donal Duck.

From one quest Lost In Dark Grove, you can unlock two Disney characters Kritsoff and Donald Duck which is the best part here.

In a forest of valor region, you can find him, you will need the Dreamlight 3000 to unlock it. When you reach there it is easy to find him. When you find the character with the blue colour marked head, it’s Kristoff. Not only Kritsoff but you can also find other things there like Emeralds. Emeralds are beautiful green gems that are hard to find.

After you find Kristoff, you have to complete the quest given by him. As you complete the quest he is all yours.

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To complete the quest to follow the Donald duck, you have to enter a portal where Donald went. In there you have to find the feather and then come back to the place. talk to Kristoff about it and then take it to Merlin.

Merlin will give you the list of items that are required to collect.
1. Emeralds
2. Donald’s Feather
3. 4 dream shard
4. A plat from the dark grove

As you get all these items, merlin will give you the tracking spell. The tracking spell will help you to find Donald. After finding Donald you have to bring him back and now you have unlocked them.

All you need to know about the Kritsoff stall Disney Dreamlight Valley:

When you start there is only one stall which is goofy’s stall. Where you can find all the fruits, crops, and other stuff. Now there are other stalls that are part of the Kristoff stalls.

Kristoff stalls will make your work very easy. Your hectic search will end here for some items. In Kristoff’s stall, you can get items like craving stones, sand, and softwood. You can find all these items in one stall.

There is a little cache, to unlock the Kristoff stall you have to reach a friendship level of 6. If your friendship level is not six, then you can increase it by giving him stuff. You don’t need an exclusive item to gift. You can simply give anything and he will accept the gifts.

To make the process easier, check the Kritsoff daily desire list. Find the items and gifts for him to achieve the friendship level of 6.

Unlocking Kristoff’s stall

Once you have a friendship level of 6 you are good to go for the Kristoff stall at Disney Dreamlight valley. Now go and talk to Kritsoff.

Kristoff has one quest for you. Kristoff will give you a quest: Village Project Mountain Man’s stall. You will need to construct the stall for Kristoff in the village. You can choose any place in the region. Kristoff will sell the things on a stall that collected by him.

How to build the Kristoff stall Disney Dreamlight valley?

To build the stall for Kritsoff you will need the guidance of the Goofy. Go and talk to Goofy. He will guide you on how to build the stall. Goofy will give you a list of items that are required to set up the stalls.

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Materials required for setup Kritsoff stall:
1. 50 softwood
2. 50 stones
3. 35 hardwood
4. 10 ingots
The materials are easy to get but the hardwood is not so easy due to their spawn rates. The hardwood can be obtained from forested heights, forgotten lands, forests of valor, and sunlit Plateau.

After collecting all that you will need to go to Kristoff. Further, you will have to visit the crafting station and then click on the recipe. Select the furniture option from there and select the Kristoff stall to build.

After crafting the Kristoff stall you can choose any place you like. After selecting the place now the Kirtsoff stall is ready. Now you can easily get the carving stones, sand, and softwood. You can collect all these materials from one stall which will save lots of your time.

How to upgrade the Kristoff stall?

When you first set up the Disney Dreamlight valley Kristoff stall there is a limited number of items available. But after upgrading the stall you can have more items in a single place.

To upgrade the Kristoff stall at Disney Dreamlight valley you will have to reach friendship level 10. If you don’t have the friendship level 10 then you can not upgrade the stall. Now he will give you a quest that you have to complete for upgrading the stall.

A Broken Sled quest: upgrading Kristoff’s stall

To level up the stall, you and Kristoff have to have a friendship level at least of 10. If you have a 10 level friendship go to Kirtsoff and talk to him about bringing his sled.

You have to follow the Kirtsoff to get the broken sled. He will lead you to frosted heights. The sled will be stuck inside the ice. You have to break the ice with the pickaxe to free the sled. The other thing you get from frosted heights is ice hearts.

Now show the broken sled to Kristoff, the quest is not over yet. The sled is broken, you have to repair it.

You can repair the broken sled from the book Ice-cident: How to fix your sled? You can find this book at the Kristoff home. His home is located in the Forest of Volar biome and is also marked on a map with the purple colour symbol.

As you get the book, open the book, and the recipe to repair the broken sled will appear on the screen. To fix the broken sled some materials will be required we listed the material here:

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1. 30 hardwood
2. 10 iron ingot
3. 50 fibre
4. Tinkering parts

Collect all these required items and now go to the crafting tables. Then select the furniture option and craft Kritsoff’s sled. After completing all these processes. Now bring the sled to Kristoff. Now the quest is complete but the upgrading stall is still pending.

Kristoff upgrading stall materials

When you give the sled to Kristoff, he will give you a list of materials that are required to complete the process. He will post this material list on his stall.
• 1 Fibre
• 1 iron ingot
• 1 brick
• 1 glass

For the brick, you will require 1 coal ore and 5 clays. Coal will be available around rocks. Clay will be in Forgotten lands, the glade of trust, and the sunlit plateau.

For glass, you will need 1 coal ore and 5 sand. Sand will be available at Kristoff stall.
Collect all the listed materials and give them to Kristoff. The materials will be available on random days. You can buy any of the materials from the stall with the star coins.

Kristoff stall and the update

After the update now users are not allowed to purchase unlimited items. Now there is a limitation: you can purchase a limited number of items from the stall. Though the number of items on the stall has increased. You can buy many items from a single store but within limits.

As an example, before the update, the users can purchase any number of fabrics from the store. But after the update users can purchase only 5 fabrics at a time.

The update is not the worst, because getting unlimited items from one place will make the game boring after a while. And there will be no challenge or adventure. Still, the limit is so low, we are expecting it to increase in the next update.

Wrapping up

Now there is nothing left to say, we explained all the things in the guide. From unlocking the Kristoff and Donald duck to upgrading the Kristoff stall. All the materials are required to set up the stall and upgrade the stall. Also where you can find all the materials to set up a stall, complete a quest and upgrade the stall.