Warframe: How to get Silphsela

Hey, fellow Tenno! Ready to dive into the thrilling world of Warframe and score some Silphsela? This magical crafting material is your ticket to crafting super cool gear like the Sun & Moon dual swords, the Sunpoint Sigil, and the mesmerizing Silphsela Ephemera.

Exciting, right? To find it, head over to the mysterious Duviri Paradox region. Don’t fret, you’ve got the skills! So gear up, unleash your inner space ninja, and let’s conquer this adventure together!

Here are the ways to get Silphsela in Warframe

warframe silphsela farm
warframe silphsela

Gathering Sun Silphs

In Duviri, you’ll come across these mesmerizing plants called Sun Silphs. These beautiful, glowing flowers release 4 seeds into the air when you get near them. And guess what? You can collect these seeds to obtain Silphsela!

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During the Anger Spiral 

Keep an eye on the sky during the Anger Spiral event. Silphsela can appear as fiery, small objects up there. No need to worry, though! You can easily collect them by riding your trusty Kaithe.

As Bounty Rewards 

Exciting news! Completing bounties in Duviri can also reward you with Silphsela. So, take on those missions and earn yourself some valuable crafting material!

Some awesome tips to help you get your hands on Silphsela

Get a resource booster 

Want more Silphsela? A resource booster is your secret weapon! It boosts the amount of Silphsela you get from collecting Sun Silphs and completing bounties. More loot, more fun!

Swing by the Necralisk

Need a quick fix? Head to the bustling marketplace in Duviri known as the Necralisk. There, you can buy Silphsela from other players and save yourself some legwork.

Be patient and persistent

 Silphsela is a rare gem, so patience is key. Keep at it, and you’ll amass enough of this magical material to craft your dream items. It’s worth the wait!

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Watch for the Anger Spiral 

During this epic event, Silphsela shows up as fiery, floating objects in the sky. Time to ride your trusty Kaithe and snatch them up!

Ace those bounties 

Complete bounties in Duviri, and you might just be rewarded with Silphsela. Seek out the ones that offer this fantastic resource.


In summary, Silphsela is a rare crafting material in Warframe, but with the tips mentioned above, you can easily obtain it to craft the items you need. Happy crafting.

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