Does Jalen Hurts Have a Child?

Jalen Hurts (Official name: Jalen Alexander) was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Born to Averion Hurts and Pamela Hurts, he started his career at a young age and was a Channelview High School Football Team member. He was allowed to join Texas A&M right after high school but decided to play for the University Of Alabama. 

He played his first three seasons of college at Alabama and was part of the team in 2018 when they won the College Football Playoff National Championship. Hurts plays quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). 

Jalen Hurts Family – Does He Have a Child?

Jalen Hurts does not have any children. He has not publicly shared any information about this, but he has said many times that he wishes to start a family together. His aspirations to become a father may come from his close-knit family background. 

Jalen Hurts has gotten much attention for his accomplishments on the field, but he is currently not married. But he is in a relationship with Bryonna Nicole Rivera Burrows. They met during their time at the University of Oklahoma. Their relationship has been a source of companionship and support for Jalen Hurts. 

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