FIFA 23: How To Do the Griddy?

Griddy is the new celebration style introduced in FIFA 23. There are dedicated buttons designated for “signature celebrations” in FIFA 23. However, if the player you are controlling has giddy as their signature style, you only need to press the right buttons to do it. 

In this article, I will explain to you how to do the Griddy in FIFA 23 with an explanation about it. 

Griddy in FIFA 23 – What is it?

The Griddy in FIFA 23 is a unique style and celebration where you skip forward with the back of your heels while swinging your arms back and forth. Then, you will bring your fingers to your eyes to form a glass-like shape. 

The griddy is a dance by Allen Davis, whose nickname was “Griddy”. When he uploaded this dance on YouTube, he was a high school football player. Chase and Jefferson did the Griddy while playing NFL, and from there, it became a viral sensation worldwide. 

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How To Do Griddy in FIFA 23?

To do the Griddy in PlayStation, you must hold R2 and flick the right thumbstick twice. For Xbox users, hold down RT and flick the thumbstick up twice.