Does Kevin Durant have a Wife? Meet Monica Wright, his Ex-Girlfriend

Kevin Durant is a professional American basketball player who started in 2007 and is now an NBA superstar.

Kevin is 34 years old as of 2023 and wants to add to his legacy with the time he is left on the basketball court. Durant is reportedly focusing on winning another NBA championship right now.

Fans keep wondering if Kevin is married. To know more about it, keep reading this article.

Who is Kevin Durant’s Wife?

Durant has been very quiet about his personal life, and that’s the reason we don’t know much about his relationship details.

His last known girlfriend is Cassandra Anderson, with whom Kevin was seen together in 2018. However, due to his private nature, there is no information about the time of their break up.

Kevin Durant
kevin durant wife

Many wonder about Kevin’s marital status and whether he has a wife. In reality, Kevin is not married and has no wife. Kevin has never been married before but was engaged at a point in time. 

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While playing for Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant was engaged to Monica Wright, a then-WNBA player. Their engagement didn’t last long, and the couple parted ways. 

Why did Kevin and Monica break up?

Kevin and Monica
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About this breakup, Kevin went on record to talk about it and the reasons behind their separation from his fiancé.

The media coverage after Durant’s failed engagement may have been why Kevin seems to have changed. After his breakup with Monica Wright, Kevin Durant has become much more closed off regarding his relationships.

Kevin Durant Current Relationship Status

Currently, Kevin Durant is single. Durant remains quiet despite so many people interested in Kevin’s life outside the basketball court. It is speculated that Kevin’s failed engagement is the reason behind his private nature.

He could be dating someone right now, and we might not know about it. But surely, the next time reports of Kevin Durant dating come up, it will be the following headline for weeks. 

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Kevin Durant already has two NBA Championships to his name, but he aims to add more silverware to his collection before calling it a day. Considering he’s nearing the end of his prime days, Kevin’s decision to focus on his profession is not wrong.