Destiny 2 Nessa’s Oblation: How To Get and God Roll Guide

Nessa’s Oblation is a pin-point slug frame shotgun recently added to Destiny 2. It rolls with an impressive Perk combination, making it great for PvE content. Moreover, its recoil pattern is also loved by most players. 

This article will tell you how to obtain Nessa’s Oblation Destiny 2 shotgun and God roll guide.

How To Get Nessa’s Oblation?

Guardians get Nessa’s Oblation Destiny 2 from the root of Nightmares Raid. This shotgun can drop at any of the three encounters. After being obtained for the first time, Nessa’s Oblation can also drop from 2 hidden chests. 

Destiny 2 Guide
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PvE Nessa’s Oblation Godroll

Barrel: A fluted barrel helps improve stability, helping to aim the weapon faster. 

Magazine: Assault magazine fires the gun quicker. 

Column 3 perk: We choose the Repulser Brace for the third column for survival. It provides shielding effect after killing a void debuffed enemy. Hence, survival chances increase. 

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Column 4 perk: Destabilising Grounds is the fourth perk. After killing the target, it makes nearby enemies volatile. 

Masterwork: We go with reload for the masterwork. 

Mod: Major spec is chosen as a mod. 

PvP Nessa’s Oblation God roll

Barrel: Fluted barrel improves stability. 

Magazine: Here, we pick Accurized Rounds for better range to help with fall-off, accuracy, and aim assist. 

Column 3 Perk: Reconstruction makes up column 3 Perk. It passively reloads the shotgun for some time when you aren’t firing. 

Column 4 Perk: The fourth Perk is the Opening shot. 

Masterwork: Like in PvE, the range is also the primary stat kept in focus for masterwork in PvP. 

Mod: Icarus grip is chosen for better airborne effectiveness. It helps to hit the target even when in the air. 

Overall, PvP specs could be better for this Destiny 2 weapon. 

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