EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing Guide

Hello Gamers! We are back with another guide and in this guide, we will take you on a tour of New introduced update of EA Sports PGA.

This new update of the game will provide easy gameplay and full satisfaction, during the gameplay.

If you want to know everything about the EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing Guide, you are in the right place.

So without wasting any more time let’s begin with our guide!

Everything about the new update of EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing

After taking a long break for over five years, EA Sports has returned to the world of golf video games along with EA Sports PGA Tour.

They desired to make the game realistic, so they focused on improving the virtual golfing experience for their players.

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During their experiment, they came up with the main features that caused a lot of discussion about the new swing mechanics developed by EA Sports.

They wanted these mechanics to set their game apart from potential rivals. Still, some players preferred the old style 3-Click swing and asked the developers to bring it back again as it was more fun that way.

Finally, players have two options for swinging in the game as per the new update.

PGA Tour 3 Click Swing Guide
Image via Electronic Arts

How to change swing to 3-click in EA Sports?

To use the new 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA Tour, you need to make it your preferred choice. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

1. First, go to the main screen and select the ‘Settings’ section.

2. Then, choose ‘Gameplay’ from the options.

3. Look for the ‘Swing Mechanic’ option at the top of the list and switch to ‘3-Click’.

4. Press X or A to apply the changes, and your golfer will be ready to go with the new swing!

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Now let’s come to our main question, “How to use EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing?”.

How to use EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing

The 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA is very easy to use. After you line up your shot, follow these easy steps:

1. Press X to start the swing.

2. Press X again when the notch is in the white area near the top for perfect power.

3. If you want extra power, press X in the red area, but be careful as it makes timing harder.

4. Finally, press X when the notch is in the white area near the bottom for perfect accuracy.

5. If you press X to the left of the accuracy window, you’ll miss to the left, and if you press it to the right, you’ll miss it to the right.

Lastly, by following the above steps you can easily perform 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA. Stay tuned for more such informational guides!

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Happy Gaming!