How To Get and Use Eviscerator in Darktide?

The Warhammer 40K: Darktide has lots of weapons that you can use and deliver a high amount of damage to the target or the specials or elites. As default, you have the sword with a dagger for the melee attacks. However, you can obtain some powerful weapons such as Eviscerator or more if you looking to deliver high-end damage to your opponent.

Here we featured a guide that covers how to unlock and use Eviscerator in Warhammer40K: Darktide. So, without any further ado let’s check the guide.

What is Eviscerator and How To Unlock it on Darktide?

darktide eviscerator
darktide eviscerator

Eviscerator is one of the most powerful in the Darktide that can only be available for the Zealot class when reaching level 11. In other words, levelling up in darktide as the Zealot class unlocks the Eviscerator.

These are the actions you can perform with Eviscerator such as Vanguard, Strikedown and Activate. In terms of specialization moves, Eviscerator is unstoppable that can deliver heavy-charged attack mode that is slow to set up but give additional damage. You can also use razor-sharp teeth that can also be used for some good amount of damage.

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Traits for Eviscerator

Following are the available traits for Eviscerator.

Bloodletter: +8-10 Bleed Stacks from Special Attacks.

Bloodthirsty: 100% critical chance on special attack kill.

Momentum: Hitting at least 3 targets with an attack and regaining 7 to 14 percent of toughness.

Perfect Strike: heavy attacks ignore hit mass bonus from armour.

Rampage: For three seconds, striking at least three foes raises your attack’s damage by 11 to 20 percent.

Rev It Up: 2 seconds of 7 to 14 percent of Movement Speed upon activation.

Savage Sweep: Attacking at least three foes boosts your cleave by 100–200% for two to three seconds.

Shred: Chained Hit Bonus Critical Chance up to 2 percent with 5 times stack.

Wrath: 5 to 20 percent of Cleave on the attack along with 5 times Stacks.

The Eviscerator can be used as the two-hand chainsword that can be perfect to deal with a single target at a time. You can easily use it if you want to deal a good amount of damage to the target without less effort.

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This is end of this short guide for more similar content such as what is soulblaze or indignatus mk ice crusher do refer to our Darktide guide panel.