Elden Ring: Bloody Slash Ash Of War Location

Bloody Slash Elden Ring is an Ashes of War skill. In Elden Ring Bloody Slash skill can be applied to the weapons. To have the Bloody Slash in Elden Ring you have to defeat the Godrick Knight. You can find a Godrick Knight in Fort Haight.

Bloody Slash is an Ashes of War skill that when you use it, will consume 6 FP and HP. You need to have enough FP to use these skills otherwise, it won’t be performed.

You don’t want to miss these skills in the early stage because Bloody Slash will do a great amount of damage to the Enemies.

You can find Bloody Slash Ash of War in Fort Haight. Follow this guide to know where it is located.

How To Get the Bloody Slash Ash Of War?

First, You have to reach Fort Haight to get the Bloody Slash Ash Of War.

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It is located in Limgrave so you have it in the initial phase of the Elden Ring. Also near that location, you can complete Kenneth Haight’s quest. When you reach Fort Haight on the outer right side you will find Golden Seed.

Bloody Slash Ash Of War location
bloody slash elden ring

When you reach there, the Pumpkin Head is patrolling the Fort, and a few Knights will also be there. You have to defeat them and you are good to go in the fort.

As you reach in there, you will see Crawling Rats, you have to avoid them. Otherwise, you have to face the rats and fireball-throwing enemies too.

Fort is not that big. When you enter the courtyard, defeat some enemies there and after that, you need to head to the left from the courtyard.

On the left, you will see a ramp, take a ramp and climb the wall.

location of Bloody Slash Ash Of War
bloody slash elden ring

Be careful when you reach the top of the ramp the Godrick Knight is waiting for you.

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As you reach there the Knight will attack you. When you face the Godrick Knight, it will use the Bloody Slash attack on you. It is a hard battle to win on your own. To defeat you need to summon help. When you summon help, engage the Knight now, you need to backstab the boss Goodrick.

As you defeat the Godrick Knight you will have Bloody Slash Ash Of War.

How To Use Bloody Slash Ash of War

You can utilize Bloody Slash skills on weapons that enhance Ash of War. However, Colossal Swords is an exception.

It will take 6FP and drain some of the amount of your character’s health too because it uses the character’s blood.

When you don’t have enough FP points to perform the Bloody Slash, the attack will not form but you will lose the Health.

Bloody Slash Skills and Weapons level work simultaneously, if you have a high-level weapon then the damage will be more.

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You can perform Bloody Slash in Elden Ring on Mobs and also on Knights and Bosses.


So that’s it, hope the bloody slash Elden Ring guide helps you. You can take it from Knight Godrick at Fort Haight.

The Bloody Slash skill will use both FP and HP. it might not be a great idea to use Bloody Slash against normal enemies cause every time you use the skill your health bar level will decrease. You can use these weapons with Bloody Slash skill Greatswords

Curved Swords, Katanas, Twin blades, Straight Swords, Heavy Thrusting Swords, Daggers, Curved Greatswords, and Thrusting Swords.