Does NG+ Start Automatically Elden Ring?

Does NG+ Start Automatically Elden Ring: There are many players who complete the main story of the game first to become the Elden lord, so they only focus on the straight path.

Whereas some gamers explore every inch of the map. So when they reach the final boss they will be well-equipped and defeat the boss with their full gaming potential.

So if you complete the game in either of the ways many games provide an open of new game plus which is also known as journey 2.

There are dark parts one and two and Bloodborne has this option to explore journey 2. Does Elden ring have the new game plus option when you complete the game let’s check it out.

Does Elden ring have the new game plus/journey 2 option?

Yes, the Elden ring has the option of the new game plus when you end the game. If you complete the game and become the Elden lord, the credits of the game will appear on the screen.

As the credits appear there will be one option shown on the screen whether to continue with the new game or to end the game here.

Does NG+ Start Automatically:

No, the Elden Ring ng+ will not start automatically. When you finish the game and become the Elden lord on the screen the option will appear, either you can choose to continue the game, end the game or start again and explore more in the game. As you make the answer you can play again in the game.

does ng+ start automatically elden ring

Should I go with the new game plus option in Elden ring

As we discussed above, there are two types of players, one who directly completes the game and the other who explores every inch of the Elden ring.

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So the choice is yours if you only completed the Elden ring to become the first Elden lord to become the first lord in the group, then you should also try the other part of the map to reach the core of the map. If you explored everything then you should definitely go with the new game plus option.

But make sure that you are well equipped and skilled to start journey two.

Will the new game plus the Elden ring be more difficult?

Yes, the new game plus will be more difficult than the Elden ring. So when you start the game the difficulty will be the peak, and all things will need to be fully upgraded. As you reach the new game plus you have to face more enemies, NPCs and merchants.

If you just reached the game and become the lord then you must first complete the previous chapter and accomplish all things required so you can move forward in journey 2 easily.

What happens if you start the ng+?

So when you select the ng+ option, your runes will be increased by 550%+. After finishing the final boss also you will get more rewards when you defeat the enemies in Journey 2.

Other than this the cost of the runes will increase, and the damage and health of enemies will increase so it will make the game more difficult to chase. Other than this you will enjoy the ng+ because there will be fewer restrictions and more combat.

How to survive in the new game plus Elden ring?

In the Elden ring, your difficulty level will increase. The boss and other enemies will be hard to defeat because their strength will also increase as you have the weapons and armour at max level boss will have more strength.

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So if you used to play the aggressively in the Elden ring volume one then to survive in the Elden ring you have to play defensive because of one blow from the boss and you will be out of the match and have to start again. There will be less restriction and complexity though.

What can you do before beginning with the ng+?

In the Elder ring some enemies, NPCs and merchants may be forgiven by you to get the other things. But if you kill them you can get their accessories such as armour and weapons. So before beginning with the second phase you might want to kill them to get their weapons and armour.

Other than this you can go back to the game and upgrade the game, get all the things to max level and reach to every point in the Elden Ring. So after that, you can begin with journey two.

Can I play the Elden ring after becoming the Elden lord?

Yes, if you don’t want to play the Elden Ring journey two then you can start with the Elden Ring again. You can save the game and start a new game again.

As you start the game again you can revisit the place where you left behind and can kill some of the enemies which you forgave before. Nonetheless, you can just start the game and explore the Elden ring map in a new way than as you played before.

Final Words

It is all about the things you would like to explore. If you like to explore the map in the new format and new rules you should go with the new game plus. Also if you only focused on the direction to become lord, then you can start again and win over the boss you missed in the game.

Elden Ring is just not like any other open-world game there are more things to explore cause in the game there are six open areas. But with the new game plus the difficulty level will be much more than the elder ring volume one. So you need to be prepared for every step ahead.

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But other things will be reduced such as talking with the NPCs and merchants. You can fight with any enemies without thinking of the consequences of the match. It is not like you can not move forward without a questline.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Elden Ring New Game+ with complete information.

What does Elden Ring’s New Game+ do?

All Dark Souls game have included an NG+ feature, which enables you to resume the quest from the beginning with the majority of your prior gear, stuff, and level. As promised, this option makes adversaries in Elden Ring more difficult to destroy, but it also rewards you with much more runes for doing so.

Is NG+ in Elden Ring more difficult?

Elden Ring’s NG+ mode increases the challenge while also allowing you to bring over various items, weapons, and armour pieces from previous playthroughs to guarantee you’re prepared for the task.

Is NG+ in Elden Ring worth it?

Some may believe that completing Elden Ring’s New Game Plus is pointless because opponents and bosses drop more runes but also have greater health and deal more damage.

What is the suggested level for the NG+ Elden Ring?

What level should you be for Elden Ring’s New Game Plus? If you defeat the last boss and reach the game’s conclusion, you are offered the option of starting a new playtime or continuing on. In the great of things, your level doesn’t really matter.

Is anything in NG+ Elden Ring kept?

Players preserve all of their weapons, armor, sorceries, incantations, weapon upgrade materials, and spirit ashes after activating NG+. Only quest items such as Shabriri Grapes, keys, and other valuables are left behind.

This is end of this short guide.

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