Elden Ring: Find and Craft Bewitching Branch Guide

Isn’t it nice if enemies in the Elden Ring help you defeat the other Enemies? Also, when your friend is not accepting summon requests and you are on your own and some enemies help you to win the battle.

No, we are not joking, in Elden Ring, there is one consumable item, Bewitching Branch, that helps you to ally with the Enemies.

It is very very helpful when you are crowded by enemies and turn some of them into your allies and they will fight for you. It will last for 3 minutes and consume 14 FP.

In the Elden Ring, sometimes what happens while fighting with some tough bosses, few bodyguards are surrounding the main boss.

They will distract you and won’t let you fight the main boss. So, Bewitching Branch Elden Ring consumable helps you to turn them into your ally and they will fight for you with the boss.

You can find it from NPC and also you can Cast.

Where to find Bewitching Branch Elden Ring?

You can purchase, Craft, and Loot Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring.

bewitching branch elden ring
Elden Ring Bewitching Branch

Bewitching Branch: Purchase from Merchant

You can easily purchase the Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring through Runes. It will cost you 1600 Runes. You can buy it from Near the North of Bellum Church in Liurnia.

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There will be a river, you have to cross that and just before the forest kind of thing, you can find the NPC named Nomadic Merchant there.

location of Nomadic Merchant Elden Ring
bewitching branch elden ring

The NPC merchant will sell 5 Bewitching Branch consumables to you. You can only have 5 Bewitching Branch there, if you want more consumables you can loot and craft. To loot Bewitching Branch Elden Ring follows further.

Bewitching Branch: Loot from Corpse

You can loot the Bewitching Branch from the corpse northwest of the Church of Pilgrimage in the Weeping Peninsula. It’s on the corner of the river. The bodies are at the top of the pillar from the North of the Church.

From the top of the pillar you have to jump on the other pillar on the North side, the pillar will be comparatively smaller than that. From that pillar, you have to reach the cliff from the West side.

Follow the slope of the cliff and you will reach two bodies there. The Bewitching Branch will be on the right of the bodies and also there will be some bats.

Bewitching Branch: While Creating Avatar

It’s kind of late for you to know, but while creating characters you have been given the choice to select a keepsake from nine Keepsake. If you choose Bewitching Branch from that you may have the five Bewitching Branch.

Bewitching Branch: Craft

While creating your character you can have only 5, from NPC merchants you can purchase 5, and from corpse loot you can have 3 Bewitching Branch.

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But in the Elden Ring, in inventory, you can store up to 600 Bewitching Branch and hold up to 10 Bewitching Branch. It’s all possible if you know how to craft Bewitching Branch Elden Ring.

How To Craft The Bewitching Branch

To craft you will need the Fevor’s Cookbook. You can have Fevor’s Cookbook from Gideon Ofnir. To get there you need to follow the steps and have to complete some quest too.

To get there you have to reach the Mohgwyn Palace and find the Area’s Map.

To reach the Mohgwyn Palace, there are two ways. The first is through Varre’s quest line and the other is through Consecrated Snowfield.

At the End of Varre’s questline, you will receive the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This item can teleport you to Mohgwyn Palace.

To reach there by Consecrated Snowfield, use the Waygate. The Waygate is at the end of the Western region, northwest of Yelough Anix Ruins.

There is little cache here, to use the Waygate you have to defeat the Invader Sanguine Noble. Without defeating Sanguine Noble, you won’t be able to cross that.

When you reach Mohgwyn Palace, by completing Varre’s questline you need to battle with the Morgott in Leyndell.

You have to get to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum from there you have to ascend steps and on the first step, you will find bead bodies. On the right side of the body, you will find the Area Map.

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The other thing you need to know is that if Gideon is not part of the Roundtable Hold you can purchase a Cookbook with 2000 Runes from Twin Maiden Husk.

To craft a Bewitching Branch you will need

  • Sacramental Bud x1
  • Miquella’s Lily x1

Where To Use the Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring?

It won’t be able to use Bewitching Branch on all the enemies. You can use it on some of the small enemies, not on the main bosses.

In the battle with Banished Knights Commander Niall. Not on them but he summons some knights in battle and you just have to use these consumables on Summoned enemies. They will attack Commander Niall.


You can craft with Fevor’s Cookbook with crafting material, Sacramental Bud x, and Miquella’s Lily x1. While creating a character if you select the Bewitching Branch you will receive 5 of it.

You can purchase it from NPC with 1600 Runes at Bellum Church. You can purchase only 5 Bewitching Branches. Also, you can loot it at the Church of Pilgrimage, from which you may have 5 Bewitching Branch.

It will last for 3 minutes and it will work as your allies. However, if you use the consumable, the enemies won’t attack you and fight with each other and after that, you can kill that enemy too.

In the Elden Ring, you can store only 600 Bewitching Branch and hold only 10 Bewitching Branch. When you use Bewitching Branch it will consume 14 FP. You can sell Bewitching Branch for 100 Runes.